Photographer of the Month — Pete Ambrose

Pete Ambrose a 28-year old talented photographer who describes himself as an artist’s brat. He’s from all over the country, born in Colorado, lived in California and New York, but spent his formative years in West Virginia.

He received his education and graduated from Ithaca, NY College with a major in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts.

Mr. Ambrose began his career in 2001 when he picked up the camera for the first time for college projects. As a visual artist, he thought to be a filmmaker, but things didn’t materialize fast enough because of his own impatience. Then he picked up the camera again and found a very stylized aesthetic foundation to convey what he wanted artistically. Inspired by famous photographers like: David LaChapelle, David Bailey, Sally Mann and many others, he reinvented himself artistically. As he would put it in his own words: “Fashion and Photography are like peanut butter and jelly – amazing in their own right but their combined visual potential allows for a world of artistic and commercial communication. Both Photography and Fashion capture the world as it is and culture as it evolves. They both do it from different perspectives but rely (not wholly, but significantly) upon each other in many ways to stay relevant in contemporary society”.

Today he works in his studio in Los Angeles where his photographs stand out amazingly, with a wide variety of images that reflect uniqueness and extraordinary quality. He’s worked for the likes of America Online, Delicious Vinyl, Barack Obama on his presidential campaign, Jorian Hill Vineyards and many more clients.

He has two coffee table books coming out, one fashion, one fine art, toward the end of this year. Please check out Pete Ambrose’s official Instagram. Below are some of he’s awesome pictures…



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  1. Detlev says:

    The photos above just give a very brief glimpse into what Pete’s capable of and what gets his juices flowing…to really get an idea, you gotta check out his site. I’ve never seen such choreography of color and angles. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Thanks for sharing!

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