An Interview with Painter Ty Steinbacher

.. for a couple of years now, been admiring the brilliant art of the professional fine artist Ty Steinbacher. His paintings really blow me away. He has an exquisite eye for beauty that he captures with his brush in each painting, each of which has a unique magical touch. So I was delighted when he agreed to let me interview him. He does gorgeous oil paintings and specializes in portraits, human form, nature and plain air landscapes. Also he builds his own custom homes. A truly gifted artist by heart and soul. Ty lives and works in the Catskill Mountains at Walton of Upstate New York. An award-winning artist, his paintings have been shown in a variety of venues and have been recognized internationally for his excellence. Notwithstanding, he’s also been featured in countless newspapers. Ty’s art is part of numerous private collections all over the world. So enjoy this exclusive interview with this amazing artist and person. To learn more about Ty Steinbacher, please visit his Facebook page.

Voice of Two Rivers” Oil on Canvas 48″ x 36″ Collection the Artist Not for Sale

RO: Tell me about your workspace and your creative process? Does it matter where you live as an artist?

TS: My studio workspace is about 600 square feet, with 3 large north facing skylights, but I mostly only use a very small part of that when I am painting. I could probably get by just fine in a 9′ x 12′ room, as long as it had good natural light. I strongly prefer natural light over artificial. No, I don’t think it matters at all where you live as an artist, as long as you are happy there and get your work seen by the public. In my opinion…you could live in the middle of NYC or in the North Pole and still be a successful artist.

RO: How do you stay inspired? Can you share about your painting techniques? And your favorite products?

TS: I stay inspired by realizing how brief life is and how little time is left to paint. Don’t waste another minute, before time runs out. My painting approach often changes from painting to painting. I use old master techniques of glazing to more modern techniques…I never know for sure until I start on a piece, which technique I will use. I like Winsor & Newton, Gamblin, as well as Williamsburg oil paint. I normally use filbert and cats tongue brushes, made by Silver.

RO: How do you select your favorite subjects?

TS: All I can say is, paint what you love and it will show in your work and be felt by the viewer.

RO: How do you define art?

TS: To me, art is the creation of anything, whether it is a building, a painting or a birthday cake… it is all art!

RO: Who did you admire most when you were a student? and now? Are there any artists whose work you enjoy today?

TS: Since I am totally self taught, I had to do all the homework myself. I remember being inspired by Bouguereau the most. As far as modern artists, I like almost everyone, but was very impressed with the work of Nelson Shanks.

RO: What advice would you give to a student or young artist about to begin a career as a professional artist?

TS: Well, the best I can tell you is… you have to be willing to fight for what you love and never give up no matter what! There will be countless negative people who will try to discourage you, but just ignore them and feel blessed that you are brave enough to live your dream and they are not. If you love what you do and you are serious about what you love… you will always be happy and you will never fail. Just keep working and the art will open doors and move mountains!

RO: What are the best and worst parts of being a full time, working artist?

TS: The best part is, you wake up every morning and realize you are free. There is no worst part… it’s heaven to be free.

RO: What other interests to you have outside of art? And what are you passionate about?

TS: I enjoy nature, travel, genealogy and photography. I love to meet people of different cultures and hear their philosophy on life.

RO: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned along the way? And what’s been your best decision?

TS: The best lesson I learned was, stop wasting time doing what I don’t enjoy doing and explaining what I love to people who don’t care. The best decision I made was to stop living someone else’s dream and start living mine.

RO: What dreams do you still want to fulfill?

TS: I just want to keep painting what I love and it would be great to have a solo show in New York City.

RO: Is there anything extraordinary about your past, present or future exhibitions you’d like to share?

TS: Nothing really extraordinary… but I do currently have a solo exhibition going on till June 3, 2011 at the Cooperstown Art Association in Cooperstown, New York. I am also working on paintings for a solo show at the Columbia County Council on the Arts in Hudson, NY, coming up this fall.

RO: Are there any other thoughts or ideas you’d like to share?

TS: Just believe in yourself and never be afraid to express yourself. You were given a gift for a reason… use it to the fullest. The biggest joy I have ever felt is inspiring others to use their talents and follow their dreams. You can do the same. Always be positive, caring and take time to help others. Your life will be richly rewarded…


“Birth of the Union” Oil on Linen 40″ x 30″ SOLD Collection ~ Rea Peace New York, USA
” The Beginning ” ( Model, Jolie D. )- 36″ x 60″ Oil on Canvas ~ Sold on PBS Live TV Art Auction ~ Private collection, Apalachin, New York
” At Peace with Nature” 30″ x 40″ Oil on Linen

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do NOT distribute without first contacting the artist.


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  1. Cris says:

    WOW I’m inspired for this interview! Beyond the artist there is a fantast and experient person! About the art, you have reason, he has an exquisite eye for beauty! wow


  2. Joseph Jordan says:

    Ty’s paintings are AMAZING! A really talented man to the point of perfection. Interesting interview with great questions and answers.
    Cheers! 😉

  3. anita rivera says:


    Thank you for coming to visit me and for the kind comments! YOUR BLOG is gorgeous! Blogging is sooooo fun. I am a teacher and I have had a busy year, but I am now officially on summer break and I am happy!
    Now off to compose another post! HAPPY DAY, Anita

  4. lisa says:

    His work is truly amazing Rhonya, and it is nice to know his work is on display in Cooperstown. Cooperstown is only about half an hour from me!! 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty and all of his wonderful talent here.

  5. Detlev says:

    Awesome interview!
    Ty sounds down-to-earth, clear-headed and determined, someone who’s talented but doesn’t hold it against those who don’t have that talent. I appreciate his inspiring words of: If you love what you do and you are serious about what you love… you will always be happy and you will never fail. Most of us are still looking for ways to make that happen without having strings attached to the matrix — or on the path of building something but it takes time … the encouragement and inspiration is appreciated. Probably the best way to make society a better place, aside from Ghandi’s quote of be the change, is to inspire people like Ty’s done.
    =) do

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