Interview with International Model Tomas Bohinc

Most of you already heard about or have seen Tomas Bohinc (a.k.a. BO) modeling campaigns especially in Europe or Southeast Asia. This 27-year old model, who is more than a face or a specific body size, quite confident, a hard working, kind and intriguing man. He’s gotten his looks through his Macedonian and Slovenian parents who taught him respect, loyalty, friendship and love. He speaks: German, English, Macedonian, Slovenian and Croatian. He has been on the runways of Germany, New York, London and China Fashion Weeks. His motto in life is always to think positively, enjoy life to the fullest and live your dreams. So enjoy this exclusive interview where he opens up about his work and dreams showing that his not just about looking good in photos.

Bo – Reflect Magazine – Germany

RO: How did you get your career started, and what path have you taken since?
TB: People always told me I should try to model. I went to some agencies in Germany, but it was always just a side job. Then I got more attention from foreign countries and I took steps to push my career forward and started traveling to different countries. New York, London, Tunisia, Slovenia, then got signed in Taiwan and in China. So since then I am a full time pro model.

RO: What other modeling projects have you done?
TB: I had some interesting projects. One was a video production, a portrait video of me. The video shows my movements and some actions from normal life, and also modeling scenes like an unusual runway on rails, and a scene filmed in New York on Time Square, and another one was a photo shoot in Tunisia where Star Wars was filmed in Matmata Tataouine in a great location. I was very busy in China and worked a lot. I did editorials, catalogs, fashion shows and also filmed 22 TV commercials for Chinese companies and for their National China Television.

Between all that, new offers came up for me to travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan. The past 2 months I was working in Taiwan. Soon I will keep traveling again.

RO: How would you describe your own style?
TB: My style I would describe as a mix between casual and elegant… timeless.

Bo – Humand Campaign

RO: What are some of your hobbies and interests?
TB: My biggest passion is Basketball. I was also playing before in the 2nd professional league in Germany. Now I do it for hobby since I model full-time. I also love going to the gym, running and taking yoga classes. I also love meditating. Love hanging out with friends, traveling, meeting people, love networking and connecting and helping people. Love eating great and delicious food.

RO: Your favorite time of the day? And season you like best? And favorite room in your house?
TB: My favorite time of the day is nights. I love the summer season the most! My favorite place in my house is to chill on the couch or in the bed.

RO: If you could be doing anything else what would it be?
TB: I would love playing basketball in the NBA or any other professional Basketball league in Europe.

RO: What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progressing?
TB: My goals in modeling, are getting more exposure in the states and also in Europe and working for good designers and brands. Also always getting better myself in all fields — working hard. My progress is going really well, I get a lot of offers and great responses from professionals in the industry.

RO: Have you ever bought something because it was fashionable? If so, what? What does fashion mean to you?
TB: Of course I look what is up-to-date in fashion, but I always have kind of my fashion combined with what’s up-to-date.

RO: Does the fashion industry exists mainly to persuade people to spend money on things they do not really need?
TB: No I wouldn’t agree with that! Fashion is a great thing! I think they are making us look good. Everybody is free to decide if he wants to spend money on fashion or not.

Bo Chrisdien – Deny Magazine

RO: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned along the way? And what’s been your best decision? And biggest regret?
TB: The best lesson I have learned in life: Life is a up and down with highs and lows. Negative also belongs to life, problems are there to solve them and learn from them. If you accept that then your life is easy and nothing can break you! You always have to know you are nr 1 without being arrogant. You are responsible for your decisions and you can guide your life in the direction you want to. Never listen too much to what other people say or think. Mostly they are jealous or just don’t have the free mind to go and change something in their lives. Everybody has to make his own things and experiences in life.

My best decision was not listening to other people anymore and taking steps in my life for all the things I want to do. So I became a very alive balanced person.

The regrets… not too many since they mostly turned out well or it was an experience more in life.

RO: What are you passionate about?
TB: I am passionate about my modeling of course and playing basketball, eating great foods, and having great times with my best friends enjoying and doing simple things… just being real!

RO: What are for you the keys to a happy and meaningful life? And what dream do you still want to fulfill?
My keys for a happy life are to make yourself happy first. Always believe in yourself. Listen to what you want to do and take actions for it! Don’t listen to others. Find your own balance for everything! Learn to handle your emotions.

I want have my own house in a nice and peaceful country by the ocean, and when I retire, chill and enjoy my life there with my family.

RO: What are your favorites books? What are you reading?
TB: I love books about personal development, motivation, and interesting stories. I just read a book about emotional intelligence.

RO: Which five words best describe you?
TB: Positive, Balanced, Driven, Real, Sociable.

RO: You have been working in China for three months. How is it? What surprises you the most there?
TB: Yeah… in the meanwhile it became 11 months. I extended since I got so many requests and working schedules here. Another reason is also I get along well with Chinese people. They are mostly very friendly and nice people. They treat me very well and respectfully here with what I do! The food is great and the living is also good so I can say I really enjoy my time here.
I got surprised by how much they love foreigners here! They love the foreign look so much and you get admired a lot, and many people look at you all the time everywhere you go.

RO: Are there any thoughts or anything else you’d like to say?
TB: My thoughts are… you can get inspired with so many things in life and also from people. Always be open to listen to people. Never underestimate people. They could open always new views or ideas in your life. Always treat people with respect. The way you are you will get it back.

Bo – Verdini ad Campaign

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