Have a Happy New Year

Hiiiii! Dear friends and Welcome to 2012… I’m finally back here after a very long time. I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year… I didn’t mean to disappear, it’s just been such a busy 2011, a crazy year full of changes and unexpected surprises. In-between moving to a new place, working on new collections, guiding my web developer in the redesign on my new website in hopes of it going live on time for the holiday season. With sadness I didn’t make it this past year for the holidays. I’m a perfectionist and very picky about certain things which to me need to be very well made: with inspiration and creativity. I prefer to postpone something than be unhappy later.

So I’ve been choosing my goals for 2012 and I’m really looking forward to a calm and relaxing New Year filled with happiness, prosperity, health, peace, harmony, success, faith and flowers, generosity, hope, more sunshine and more smiles too. Let’s not just toast the New Year with champagne but being grateful for every blessing and achievement in our lives. Love and respect each human being without any judgment, take the time to smell the perfume of the flowers and look up at the stars, so many happy moments can shine in your souls — like the sun — and our dreams will come true. You have just to believe.

Thank you for all your support, friendship and generosity in your comments. It’s really my first time blogging this past year and has blossomed into an amazing experience as I am honored to be part of this blogging community. It truly means a lot to me and your kind words make me happy.

So cheers to a wonderful New Year for all of us!


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    • Rhônya says:

      It’s really wonderful and exciting to see everyone’s in such a good mood here. Dani thank you for stopping by nice to meet you… Happy 2012 to all of you and again, thank you for reading!!

  1. rose says:

    Querida!!!!! Desejo-lhe o mesmo.Feliz ano novo e feliz tudo.
    Fiquei muito feliz com seu comentário lá no Caminho.
    Sempre aqui e me deliciando com seus posts.
    Um beijo iluminado e que 2012 seja cheio de realizações.
    Bjs de cá.

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