Hello, dear friends! Life sure seems to be taking me away from the computer lately. I’ve been working on some very exciting new projects and will share them when finished. I like to always to have things done before I talk about them. In the meantime, hope you enjoy these photographs that I took recently in Malibu, California.

Have an amazing rest of the week and a relaxing coming weekend!

This lovely dog was running in my direction. I pet him and he continue around me during the shots!

– Photos by me


  1. Rhonya, these are just beautiful, especially my favorite flower, the magnolia!
    I am doing well but a bit overworked right now as the semester comes to an end.
    Two more weeks, and I am off for the summer!!! 🙂
    I wish you a beautiful weekend my Friend.

    1. Hi dear,
      I love these images and I really enjoyed reading your blog!
      Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

  2. Que lindas imagens.Belas mesmo!!!
    Saudades de vc, querida.
    Bjs de cá.

  3. Beautiful beaches and cute dog! I’d love to visdit that place.

    I hope that you are doing well.



  4. What a sweet post, with this lovely dog and amazing views of the ocean. Love it Rhônya. And a huge thanks for the link to my blog, It’s such an honour to be featured here.
    (if you want to add “/en” do the link, it will go straight to my english page:

    Have an amazing week!

    1. Beautiful images and lovely blog! Thank you so much for sharing!

    2. What a beautiful photos and place. I would love to visit Malibu some day!
      Xoxo. Nicole

  5. AWWW so cute pics:) thank you so much for sweet words on my blog. Its a shame you have nothing to follow you by though.
    I hope you come back and visit me soon, I have more swedish inspiration for you:)

    LOVE Maria at

    1. If you look in the right margin under META, you can now add Rhônya’s RSS feed to your web browser’s feed list. It’ll automatically update itself in your browser whenever a new article is written.

      Then again it’s always nice to see a friendly face come for a visit
      Cheers ~

      PS: I’ll post a little more on that in a bit ~

      1. Hi dear,
        I simply love your photographs! Thanks for sharing with us.
        Best wishes,

      2. Malibu seems like a great place to spend the day! Beautiful photos and the dog is so cute.

    2. Such a beautiful collection of images. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂
      Have a wonderful week!

  6. Hi dear,
    It’s the first time I’m visiting your blog, is beautiful with great articles and lovely photographs.

  7. How beautiful! I love your photos and thanks for sharing with us.
    Best wishes,

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