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Hello March and Welcome to Auckland!

A Brief History

Around 180 million years ago New Zealand broke away from a giant landmass called Gondwana and drifted nearly 3,000km south to where it sits today. Polynesians sailed here in the early 1300s, following their ancestor Kupe, who had named the country Aotearoa“Land of the Long White Cloud.”

Dutch explorer Abel Tasman arrived in 1642, naming de land “Nieuw Zeeland.” European settlement began in 1769 with the arrival of British navigator Captain James Cook. In 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi confirmed New Zealand as a British colony and it became an independent nation in 1947.

Going through photos from my vacation last year to Auckland, I found the coolest suburbs that I’ve yet ever seen. It’s rich in culture with an interesting combination of people from all over the world. The city is kept clean, with an amazing selection of all types of food that are fresh, mostly organic and delicious. From authentic Italian food, to fine Thai, Indian cuisine and even amazing Argentinian BBQ. Japanese food is the best where you can taste the freshness of each bite in every meal that you ordered. You can sit and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying conversation with friends in any open space food court without the hustle and bustle of overcrowded malls and have a great time. There’s a bit of everything for anyone, vintage shops, high end clothes and accessories made from New Zealand’s independent designers that absolutely gorgeous, pricey, but so worth it. Also the city offers great art galleries as well as some tourist oriented gift shops.

People in general are very nice and courteous as much as they are health and environment conscious while enjoying spending their time out with friends, and family. Overall it’s a healthy and beautiful city with a great environment to live in.

2016 - Auckland Waterfront New Zealand photo 4 by Rhônya Holman for

Auckland Waterfront

2016 - Auckland New Zealand photo 1 by Rhônya Holman for

Old Ponsonby Post Office

2016 - Auckland New Zealand photo 2 by Rhônya Holman for

Beautiful Western Park

2016 - Auckland Nea Zealand photo 3 by Rhônya Holman for
2016 - Auckland New Zealand photo 7 photo by Rhônya Holman for
2016 - Auckland New Zealand photo 6 by Rhônya Holman for
2016 - Auckland New Zealand photo 9 by Rhônya Holman for

Albert Park is a public park in central Auckland, popular with students and locals alike. A great place for relaxing in the sun, reading, studying or talking with friends.

2016 - Auckland New Zealand Albert Park photo 10 by Rhônya Holman for

Auckland is surrounded by classic homes with a lot of greenery if not gardens.

2016 - Auckland New Zealand 11 photo by Rhônya Holman for


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