Vintage Floral Tea Cup and Flat Lays

Hello dear friends! The new month is here and it’s going to be beautiful and I’m thrilled to have such great weather to take more photographs and have fun around town.

These are shots that I took of the beautiful vintage tea cup set that I found at the antique store in Temecula, here in San Diego. It’s a cool little town that I’ve been visiting for two years to find treasures, relax and eat good food.

Since I discovered flat lays, I’ve been kind of obsessed with the whole creative process, anything that can be mixed catches my attention like: flowers, branches, leaves, sea shells, candy, delicious food, fruits, vegetables and the list goes on …

Thought of sharing these soft pastel color photos using the vintage tea cup set as a center piece and peppermint tea, styled on my hand painted wooden board, with petals of pink flowers, evergreen needles, and dark berry branches all around. I kinda liked the way the arrangement and its angle turned out. It’s something I’d like to do more of, though practice makes perfect.

  • Also I was thrilled to be featured on the Instagram of Jessica Colaluca from Design Seeds, category [color sip] she did wonderful work coordinating the color palettes with my photo.

Please also visit her website: Design Seeds


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