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Beautiful mess of flowers and tea
A beautiful mess of rose petals with antique tea cup.
Dessert with lots of citrus flat lay
Here’s an almost impressionistic view of a pineapple. The head of the pineapple is a dessert tart, followed by an whole family of citrus slices.
flat lay of mini gala apples with green leaf branches and delicate white flowers
Rustic dark wood table under branches of dark vivid green, white flowers and mini gala apples.
hand painted pumpkins with red berry brances and jasmin flowers arranged in an arc with strawberry drink in porcelain cup to the right
Hand painted pumpkins with green leaf branches and their red berries, accented by jasmine blossoms and a strawberry milk in a porcelain cup.
citrus fruit slices surrounding a fruit tarte dessert
Surrounded! A fruit tart encircled by slices of citrus fruit.
fruits and vegetables flat lay in prep for cooking
Vividly colorful mess of fruits and vegetables in preparation to a healthy meal.

Hi! So Happy Autumn is already starting in San Diego. We were so lucky this past Summer wasn’t too bad, not too hot, as it’s been in recent past years. The days are beautiful with soft, warm, golden sunlight and cool breezes. Just the kind of climate I’ve been awaiting for a very long time, and now it’s finally here.

I came across the word Flat Lay about two years ago on Instagram where then I looked up examples as well as the meaning: “A flat lay is a picture taken from a bird’s-eye view of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface. Usually there will be one item that is the main focus of the shot known as the hero. All the other items in the flat lay are there to complement the hero piece.”

I instantly fell in love with the whole process and since then, I’ve been practicing, not worrying at all about outcome, but just having fun in the doing, even when adding the tiniest little things with tweezers. I enjoy gathering all the supplies, taking a trip to the flower shop and putting a lot of time into styling each photo without trying to be perfect. I must really be enjoying myself as even the clean-up after doesn’t bother me!

I noticed that I already had many antique things, including vintage linens and other cool unusual pieces that no one cares about as much as I do. These were collected over the years during my travels. So to my surprise intuitively I was preparing for this adventure long a time ago. Because I love anything creative and I’m not afraid to experiment with new colors, tools, textures, shapes … it’s all part of my senses incorporating experiences into my creative life which later expresses itself quite naturally from the heart.

In near future posts I’ll been sharing more projects, including photography, flower arrangements, flat lays, product styling, acrylic paints combined with watercolor, gift wrapping, recipes, health and glimpses around the company.

I hope after you read my blog you’ll be feeling inspired to create something that will make you happy!


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