Gift-Wrapping Ideas from Bella Bohemian

Something very charming and inexpensive gift wrapped with brown paper, greenery, berries, pine cones, all collected from your morning walks. Embellished with decorative tapes.
Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift wrapped like this, with blue and gold paper, white lace detail with glitter trim, accented with an abstract gift tag.
Chic gold wrapped gift box with satin white ribbon, rhinestone branch, and brooch with flower and gold foil tag.
Brown paper can be one of the least expensive and most decorative ways to wrap presents. Add a touch of greenery, that of a delicate fern, secure the branch with skinny glitter tape and you have something fresh and beautiful to give. Also you can glue papers snow flakes to your boxes, made with your hand punch tool.
Another cool way to dress up your white gift paper: add off white burlap ribbon accented with dark green skinny velvet ribbon. Topped with small pine cones and colored handmade tassels.
Shabby Chic inspired gift wrap using brown paper with white lace and mint details, wavy red trim, green and lime string. Newspaper card stock cut out in zigzag shape, wrapped around secured with clear tape, then topped with floral gift tags, and handmade fabric flower.
Rustic and chic gift wrapping with brown paper accented with leather string. Then some colored jute twine and a flowered stem to add a touch of nature.
Sometimes just choosing blue texture paper with beautiful ribbon is enough as in this gift idea. Then some small enhancement using gold leaves from the wedding department store and a white gift tag with a separate round abstract color tag.
Sheet music paper, wrapped with pretty white satin ribbon, greenery from the garden, handmade tassel and colorful tags. So much fun …
White textured paper with pink lace, a decorative string of pearls and a handmade shabby gift tag. A long brown box wrapped several times with skinny rich velvet salmon color ribbon, and a small gift wrapped with old book pages, glued together, secured with butterfly decorative tape, topped with glitter flower from the wedding section, make up this inspirational ensemble.
Gifts wrapped with brown paper, white twine, festive glitter tapes and a touch of nature with pine cones finish these rustic yet beautifully presented gifts.

As I promised, here are a few ideas of store-bought gift wraps in a variety of sizes and shapes. DIY holiday presents using accessories from the Bella Bohemian Papeterie new line … I had so much joy wrapping, styling and photographing each gift because it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing just as much as I love giving presents.

In the process of shooting photos of products for the website it came naturally for me to wrap more than a dozen sample boxes you see below with our accessories. What I really wanted to show is how easy and fun the holidays can be if you’re prepared, engage your heart and spend the quality time it takes. Ideas are endless as I had flashbacks from decades ago when working in events and creating flower arrangements for clients while I was wrapping for the photo shoot. Plus I came to realize that the time spent doing these type of things in the past was well worth it, especially now that I have the chance to apply these skills into my own business. In short, I’m so grateful for life’s opportunities of the past.

With the season of giving in mind, I’ve created several inexpensive gift wrapping ideas combined with our kits and packs with some adornments, pine cones, greenery, berries, glitter objects, strings, handmade fabric flower, colored tassels, jute twine, all kinds of festive tapes, brown, white papers and sheet music paper, other mixes of blue and gold papers, some adorned with lace, ribbons, you name it. All put together, well detailed with care to unfold into beautiful presentations that look great under a Christmas tree, and that without any stress. So relax, take your time, enjoy the doing of it and have a wonderful time around your family and friends.

Once your gifts are wrapped and all pretty, just attach a Christmas gift tag from the kit or pack with your personal message … the themes are already created especially for you to Wow your friends and family.

Tags are meant to be fun with their multi-coloring, abstract hand painting, confetti with gold foil, glitter, Kraft paper. Each kit/pack we have offers plenty of creative Christmas ideas for you…

Happy wrapping and most importantly …

Happy Holidays!


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