Catching up with Collage

As I promised in the last post here are new projects that I’ve done so far. I didn’t plan anything as I gathered some paper scraps and started gluing them on paper. So colors, textures and other materials sort of just happen naturally. Scraping helps add depth and physical texture; it’s a pretty loose process as long as you don’t overthink it.

Here’s a close-up view of a hand cut collage using a photo from a magazine, glued on watercolor paper, adding paper scraps, washi tape, hand punched abstract confetti leftover from previous project, and bit of white gesso. Lastly finished the piece off with gloss medium and varnish to seal the surface.

Acrylic paints, vintage lace, paper scraps, magazine photo, and gold micro beads, a mixed media piece on brown recycled cardboard with a touch of white gesso. Finished with gloss medium and varnish to seal.

A new experiment that I like very much. I didn’t feel good about how this composition first started so I decided to change it around to something more visual an cool.

The above started with watercolor paper as a base. Then, on top of the work I’d done previously, I mixed in a little bit of brilliant magenta with titanium white acrylic and applied it to cover the old layer. After it dried, I used a straw to blow a water down combination of sap green acrylic ink, on the pink parts of the background. I let the ink dry a bit before applying a Sennelier oil stick #26 and smudging that color a bit with my index finger to add some earth tone.

After another drying cycle, I glued on a magazine photo, paper scraps, gold foil and acrylic gold ink dripping from the right eye, with white gesso around the board of the paper. Finished with gloss medium and varnish to seal it all.

In this mixed media project the intention was to just to play around with layers, textures, acrylic paints, marks, and to arrange the paper scraps on watercolor paper. White gesso together with black and purple crayons helped in the visual of this piece. At the end I applied a gloss medium and varnish.

It takes a bit of time to create a collage, but as soon as you start placing the first objects, arranging and rearranging them on the paper, mixing the paints, applying nuances here and there, you discover endless possibilities to explore. Growth is part of this creative process and the beginning of the integration with your own aesthetic.

Cheers to creativity … See you next time!!


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