East Coast Spring Magic

Hello dear readers and friends!

Hope your Springtime is as beautiful as mine here in Virginia and Washington DC. I really enjoy living in this lovely place and this season is now even better for us.

Taking a stroll through town, it’s impossible to miss the exuberance of spring on the East Coast. Everywhere I look, landscapes burst with life. Lush greenery unfolds, punctuated by vibrant blooms in a dazzling floral display before the petals gracefully surrender to the earth.

My gaze wanders to the magnificent old trees, their branches strong and sprawling, adorned with a cascade of leaves and blossoms. These giants provide a welcome shade, their age a whispered secret hinted at by the gnarled thickness of their trunks and the roots that rise like sinuous guardians from the soil.

These moments spent immersed in nature offer a haven of tranquility, a space for myself and others to find peace and appreciate the season’s beauty.

Wishing you a springtime brimming with its own vibrant colors and delightful experiences!

In case you didn’t know, spring starts according to the vernal equinox (astronomical reference), which in 2024 fell on March 21.


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