A Day at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens: Part 1

Spring has sprung in Virginia, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for exploring the outdoors. Last year, after moving here, my husband and I discovered a hidden gem: Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. It was our first visit to a garden in the area, and we instantly felt refreshed as we were used to the arid California flora and climate.

We returned this Easter weekend, and it was delightful to see the joy on children’s faces as they hunted for eggs amidst the vibrant blooms. Meadowlark truly offers something for everyone. It’s great for when you want to simply enjoy a peaceful escape, this stunning garden is the perfect destination.

A refreshing alternative to all the noisy public places, Meadowlark offers a tranquil atmosphere where conversation can flow naturally. That makes this garden a great destination to bring out-of-town friends and family, make your wedding plans, bring a date or even go solo. Spanning 95 acres, the gardens boast a dazzling array of botanical wonders. Each month brings a new spectacle of flowers in bloom, ensuring a fresh experience on every visit. The well-maintained paths are a joy to navigate, and along the way you’ll encounter a delightful variety of native plants, buzzing pollinators, and even resident birds, geese, and turtles! The ample free parking and friendly staff make the arrival process a breeze.

By the end of our day at Meadowlark, we were pleasantly tired yet invigorated. I left feeling inspired for my next watercolor paintings, camera roll brimming with stunning photos, and phone loaded with videos ready to share the beauty of this garden.

If you’re interested to see more of the Korean Bell Garden, you’re in luck: see Part 2.


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