Bye Bye California, Hello Virginia

It’s been about eight months now since my husband and I left CA and moved to Fairfax, VA. We love it here where it’s beautifully lush, green and we have the changing of the seasons, finally! How I missed the cold weather – wearing cashmere sweaters, beanies, all cozy winter clothes. Now we drink hot chocolate at the end of the night and watch a movie or sit by the fireplace smelling the wooden and listening to the crackling of its romantic flames, its magical illumination as it brightens up the living room. That’s life for me, even better with our love.

Think Happy Thoughts – Art

In order for the human approach to life to be more meaningful, it helps to be an independent and intuitive entity better than to follow the crowds. With the eyes of a curious and meek soul, one who sees with their heart, in the end also makes the world more beautiful.

Exploring Mixed Media

Always think outside the norm when coming up with a new project. Don’t be afraid to experiment, for heaven’s sake don’t shoot for perfection. Instead, push your creativity to the limit with the audacity only your heart knows. Because whatever happens is going to be awesome!

Seeing where it goes

It’s so satisfying to glue together inspirational images, piece by piece and different forms and then slowly seeing the progress transforming the whole piece into something new and unexpected without planning anything, going with the flow, taking it slow, and savoring the experience.