June and Bella Bohemian

June and Bella Bohemian


Hope you all had a great long weekend! It’s June already and I’m hardly believing how time is passing by so fast. The weather in San Diego has been mostly cloudy for a few months now. The sun shows up sometimes but shyly (is that a word?) so from behind the clouds around noon for little while and then goes back into hiding.

I don’t allow the weather to affect me or interrupt the things I have to do. On the contrary, the clouds make me more productive while keeping things nice and cool. At some point, I can take long walks near the coast and feel the breeze.

I’m so thrilled to share the new line of bracelets for women that I handcrafted recently at my studio in San Diego. The whole collection was created with a Bohemian look and feel, using a great selection of materials that I hand picked myself like: charms, metals, leather, beads, corals, wood, seeds, pearls, sari silk, colorful threads, buttons, Swarovski crystals, sparkling gemstones, then mixing and matching different styles and shapes of chains and clasps that are lead and nickel free. All of the twenty six (26) bracelets and bangles are unique from one another with details that will be noticed as soon as you try them on. They are comfortable and light weight as well while looking simply beautiful around the your wrist.

All Bella Bracelets come with a dainty oval oxidized copper tag with our exclusively engraved brand name and logo, which is a Registered Trademark. This way you can be sure these pieces are exclusively handmade by Bella Bohemian.

The pieces are beautifully arranged and well wrapped. The styles vary from delicate with a few charms to more elaborate and beaded bracelets. Or if you like, you can stack up a few bangles adding to the mix other charming bracelets. Each is colorfully accented with interesting combinations to match your style for a modern bohemian look.

Explore the collection and let me know how you like it. I encourage my clients to send me a photo of them wearing our pieces, and with their permission, we’ve been adding them to our new testimonial page on the website.

BRA1_Juliette up cycled antique brass barcelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com


BRA6-1_Modern Bohemian Bracelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com

BRA4-1_Delicate Bohemian Bracelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com

BRA8-1_Set of two delicate friendship Bracelets - 2015 bellabohemian-com

BRA7-3_Bella Rocks Bracelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com

Have fun shopping!!

New At Bella Bohemian

New At Bella Bohemian

Bonjour Mes Belles,

I’m so HAPPY to introduce the new Bella Bohemian jewelry collection. I’ve been working non-stop for a while to put this line together. Twenty handmade necklaces, each one unique in its own way, with gorgeous detailing. With my jewelry you won’t look like anybody else.

Beautiful from beginning to the end, light weight, comfortable, unique. All Bohemian jewelry comes with a dainty, oval, oxidized copper tag, engraved with our exclusive brand name. I loved handcrafting each piece and even more how the whole collection turned out. Hope you enjoy wearing it and just wait for the curious questions and compliments from your friends …

We’ll use a nice jewelry box to ship your order, and a gift goodie bag is included as well.

Have fun shopping!!!


BB1-4_Down-to Earth Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB2-1_Bohemian Luxe Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB3-3_Shabby Gypsy Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB4-2_Free Spirited Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB5-2_Bohemian Red Flower Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB6-2_Bella Rustic Ivory Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB7-3_Hippie Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB8-2_Malibu Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB9-3_Cascade Turquoise and Pearl Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB10-1_Boho Beauty Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB11-1_Turquoise Skull Copper Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB12-4_Happy Buddha Metal Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB14-2_Red Coral Statement Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB15-1_Ocean Blue Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB16-3_Eco Bohemian Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB17-3_Kisses from the Sea Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB18-1_Bohemian Skull Long Chain Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB19-1_Sabrina Long Ball Chain Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

Adolfo Sanchez – Spring/Summer 2014

Adolfo Sanchez – Spring/Summer 2014

It’s with such pleasure that I now feature an update (via email newsflash from one of LA’s greater designers) to my last Adolfo post. This collection is gorgeous and sophisticated and a little bit sexy. He creates garments that are so real and wearable, inspiring, even reflecting joy, passion, elegance and beauty. Made from luxurious fabrics combined with yellow gold accents and soft pastel colors.

Below are a few pieces from this collection that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

Please visit his official website to view his entire collection.







PS: All images here are used with permission from the designer.

Interview: British Fashion Designer Charlie May

Interview: British Fashion Designer Charlie May

Meet Charlie May the 24 year-old London based designer. She graduated from the University of the West of England in 2010 with a BA (hons) in Fashion Design, and achieved her London Fashion Week debut with her own label at such a young age. Presenting her first full Spring-Summer 2012 women’s ready-to-wear collection. Ms. May’s designs are a reflection of her passion for fashion which she combines with minimalism, precise interesting tailoring and impeccable finishing to clothing. In addition, her designs are freshly charming with simple silhouettes that slip on your body with elegance.

To learn more about Charlie May, please visit her official website. And her clothing line can exclusively be purchased at BENGT.

RH: You were born and raised on a farm in the South West of England. How did you manage to make the transition to fashion designer esp. at such a young age?
CM: I was totally unaware of fashion until college, I loved shoes and was planning to open a shoe shop, so started a business course. It was then I started getting into Riot Grrl music and DIYing my clothes, I very quickly realised I needed to switch to Art & Design, specialising in Fashion and fell more and more in love!

RH: Tell us about your design process from beginning to end and what is a typical day for you?
CM: My day really varies depending on the stage of the season! The design process for a collection starts usually in the middle of creating the last one; I think about it a lot, the colour palette, the fabrics, the whole mood, and then about 3 months before fashion week and start designing and buying the fabrics. The fabrics then need to be dyed, I toile for a couple of months until the garments are spot on and then start working with my seamstress. The original design sheet usually ends up quite different as I chop and change a lot as I go on, the styling is also changed around before the presentation.

RH: How do you select your fabrics, before or after you draw your collection? And what you look for when choosing a fabric?
CM: I love using naturals fabrics; silks, wools and leathers are my favourite! I’ll loosely design the collection, then buy the fabrics and re draw, letting the newly bought fabrics inspire the designing. As soon as I feel the fabric, I know the purpose they should have.

RH: What does fashion mean to you? And do you have any other passions besides fashion?
CM: Fashion is all about design to me personally. A garment that makes you ask how it was made and the story behind it. My other passions are travel and photography which I share through my blog Girl a la Mode.

RH: What part of your job do you like the best? and Least?
CM: Seeing your garments being worn and loved is the absolute best feeling in the world! Also seeing them in editorials in a completely different context is a great feeling. I dislike the struggle for funding; as creating a collection is a huge money vacuum, but that is to be expected.

Spring-Summer 2012

RH: Do you remember your very first sale?
CH: Yes of course! I got an overwhelming response for the gold studded pony skin headbands from SS12 which I saw being worn around London fashion week!

RH: What’s the biggest, most important lesson your parents taught you?
CH: Work hard for what you want.

RH: What 5 words would best describe your brand?
CM: Minimal, clean, textured, androgynous and effortless,

RH: How would you define your style? If you could give women a fashion tip(s) to be fabulous, what would it be?
CM: Quite minimal and clean but tailored as well. I believe a woman looks more chic when she is comfortable with herself so don’t choose shoes you can’t walk in or a skirt that’s too short because it will show. Just be comfortable with who you are!

RH: Who would you most like to see wearing your clothes?
CM: Tilda Swinton!


Autumn-Winter 2012

RH: Who is your style icon(s) and why?
CM: I take a lot of style inspiration from bloggers; here are some of my favourites – Ivania of Love Aesthetics, Jayne of Stop It Right Now, Josefin of Fashion Sphere

RH: What are your goals with your brand? How do you see yourself progressing?
CM: I hope to show on schedule at fashion week and be selling in boutiques worldwide, when I get there, I’ll be happy.

RH: Do you have any any hidden or unusual talents?
CM: I can bend my arms back pretty far, I guess that’s just a talent for creeping people out.

RH: What’s your favorite getaway spot? And where would you like to live other than London?
CM: I love to getaway to my hometown in Devon, on the farm and in the countryside, it’s my happy place! I wouldn’t want to live in London forever, but I wouldn’t want to go back to Devon either; I’ll have to do some more traveling to find out.

RH:  Is there anything you’d like to share with us about upcoming project(s)?
CM: Nothing I can talk about yet but watch this space for some exciting collaborations!

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the designer.

Adolfo Sanchez Autumn – Winter 2012 Collection

Adolfo Sanchez Autumn – Winter 2012 Collection

Hi lovelies! It’s with such pleasure that I now feature an update (via email newsflash from the man himself) to a previous post: The new Autumn – Winter 2012 Collection from Adolfo Sanchez one of LA’s chicest designers.

Below are my personal favorites in evening wear dresses. This collection is simply divine,  made from luxurious fabrics and rich pastels, elegant and comfortable, especially designed to accentuate women’s beauty and body. Every season he surprised us with his ability to create uniquely and beautifully detailed clothing, embellished with magic.

Please visit his official website to view his entire collection.

PS: All images here are used with permission from the designer.

Interview – Watch Designer Winky Wu

Interview – Watch Designer Winky Wu

It is with such pleasure that I introduce you this new line of colorful, fun and unique watches for your everyday use, designed by Winky Wu, founder of Winky Designs. So I was excited to invite her to answer a few questions and delighted that she accepted graciously to my invitation. She’s been very busy traveling around the world promoting her brand so I was lucky to be able to share Winky’s dreams, inspiration and creations in this exclusive interview. I hope you love her work as much as I do.

Please check out her official website for your favorite color.

RH: Tell me about the design process and when it began? What first inspired you?

W.W: People may not notice this, but the watch market is going through an evolutionary period right now because cell phones have pretty much killed watches in the same way that video killed the radio star! As a watch designer though, I saw a great opportunity here to redefine what watches mean to the modern consumer. It’s no longer just a time keeping device, but also a fashion accessory, a conversation starter, and a means of self expression. My motto has always been “It’s not just a watch, it’s an attitude!” – and that’s really the core thinking behind my design process.

I was first inspired to do this when I noticed that the selections of watches in the marketplace were either really expensive brand name designs, or very cheap and tacky watches of poor quality. I saw an opportunity to serve the market in-between, by improving the quality, adding style, and still offering them at reasonable prices. So I launched Winky Designs to share my line of fun and affordable watches with the world!

RH: Which part of the business do you enjoy the most? And the least?

W.W: My business is like my baby, and honestly I enjoy every moment of it because it’s extremely fulfilling to watch it grow. If I had to pinpoint one thing though, I would have to say the best part is the flexibility! I can run my business from any location, for example, right now I’m in Munich, Germany where I’ll be staying for a month. Having flexible hours is also great, for example, when I go to sleep at night I never set an alarm to wake up in the morning so the work day only starts I wake up naturally. On the downside, running a business is a lot of hard work and there’s always more to do! I pretty much work from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep (even on the weekends!).

RH: Is it easy to come up with new designs? What are your inspirations?

W.W: It’s not easy to come up with a new design, but it helps if you have a clear vision. So far, my 3 collections of watches are all inspired by fun foods and cocktail drinks. When you’re wearing a delicious watch like the Mint Choc Chip watch or the Tequila Sunrise watch, it feels like it’s happy hour every hour on your wrist! The themes are great because they really bring out the essence of joy, color and freshness into my products.

RH: What materials do you prefer to work with? What influences your choice of materials? Do you favor one color over another?

W.W: The slap band watches are made out of silicone because the material is durable, comfortable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic which makes it a great “everyday” watch. The bracelet watches are for more classy occasions so they’re mainly made out of leather, but they’re unlike traditional leather watches because they’ve each got their own modern twist to it.The Ice Cream Bracelets features 4 separate leather straps including a braided one which gives the watch a fun and feminine feel. The On the Rocks collection features semi-precious stones weaved into leather straps and are extremely elegant! I love all the colors, but I think I prefer the more unconventional colors because how often can you find a cool mint green colored watch?

RH: What is a typical work day for you?

W.W: Typically, I start my day by checking emails, making calls and corresponding with my customers and wholesalers. Some time is also spent doing research and keeping on top of fashion trends and new watch styles. If I have some new design ideas, I may go out and buy the materials I need and spend the afternoon putting together some samples. At night, most of my time is spent talking to my manufacturers in Asia as we have a 12 hour time difference and they only become available after 9pm. It is a full-day job!

RH: Can you tell me a little about the quality guarantee and warranty for your watches?

W.W: Absolutely! I invest a lot in the quality and every watch I make is equipped with Japanese Quartz movement and are water resistant. The slap band watches are actually water resistant up to 98 feet so that you can swim with them as well! We want people to buy our watches with confidence and we offer a one-year warranty on all our products.

RH: Describe the type of girl or guy (?) you envision wearing your watches? Does gender matter?

W.W: Every watch I design is a watch I would wear myself, so my target customers are generally young women like me who want to express their individual styles in fun and practical ways. I have had men buy the slap watches, but my color selections and styles are more targeted towards women so far (although I do have some ideas for men’s collections in the future!).

RH: What’s the story behind the “On the Rocks” collection?

W.W: This is my favorite collection personally! The accessory trend in 2012 is all about stacking, and precious stones are making a comeback as a popular material in jewelry this year as well. I’ve simply taken it to the next level by making fashionable jewelry that also tells you the time as a bonus!

The “On the Rocks” bracelets are made out of different types of semi-precious stones (onyx, amethyst, pink agate etc) hand-woven through leather straps. I envisioned people wearing these to trendy restaurants and lounges, so my friend Jeanette suggested naming the watches after fun and flirty cocktail drinks. Shortly after, “On the Rocks” came to me randomly one day, and the play on words just tied the whole collection together perfectly. The theme also lends itself to cool slogans like “It’s Happy Hour, Every Hour!” or “These watches will make your wrist drunk with style!”. It’s been really fun coming up with these cheesy but memorable tag lines.

RH: Which five words best describe your brand?

W.W: Fun, modern, colorful, fashionable and affordable

RH: Do your remember your first sale?

W.W: When I first launched my business I was mainly selling to friends, but I do remember my first sale to a complete stranger on my website. I was so excited when I got the order! It’s really fulfilling to know that others enjoy and love the designs as well.

RH: What are your goals with your brand? How do you see yourself progressing?

W.W: So far I’ve been focused on growing Winky Designs in the US market, but the long term goal is to build up an internationally recognized brand. I’ve already started building some traction in Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the Middle East which has been exciting.

Winky Designs has only been selling watches so far but we’ll soon be expanding into other accessories starting with these really awesome Recyclable Plastic Belts. Read on to know more about it!

RH: Is there anything you’d like to share with us about upcoming project(s)?

W.W: We’ve got many exciting things planned for the rest of the year (which is top secret!), but we are proud to announce that our newest collection of Recyclable plastic belts will be debuting this Spring!

These plastic belts come in many vibrant colors and are designed to be one size fits all (you can cut the plastic to make it any length you want). However, they do come in different sizes (Classic cut, Slim Cut and Kids). It’s made completely out of plastic so it’s recyclable, waterproof, hypoallergenic and convenient to travel with (you won’t need to take these off when passing through the metal detectors!) These will be on sale for an affordable price of $25 and come packaged in a cute & clear plastic box which will be perfect for gifting!

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the designer.

Designer To Watch: Sara Di Salvo

Designer To Watch: Sara Di Salvo

Hi darlings!

It’s with such pleasure that I now feature an update to a previous post: the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection from the Italian designer based in Rome Sara Di Salvo.

As chance would have it, last weekend I received an e-mail from her about the new collection that is breathtakingly inspired by “Warrior Chic”. Each piece is so artistically designed to perfection, beautiful, feminine, elegant and yet comfortable.

I’ve been following her career growing in the past two years since I met her in New York City during one of the fashion shows. We continued to stay in touch since then.

Below are images from her collection, but expect to see much more in the near future and please visit her official web site.

Have a glamorous week

Sara di Salvo 2012 collection (dresses)

PS: All images here are used with permission from the designer.

Interview with Britain’s First It Boy – Emmanuel Ray

Interview with Britain’s First It Boy – Emmanuel Ray

It is my privilege to share with you this exclusive interview with London based socialite and fashionisto Emmanuel Ray aka “Britain’s First It Boy” as named by BBC, and winner of Fashion Icon of the Year Award at Fashions Finest Awards 2011, UK. It gives me extraordinary pleasure to interview this talented, amazing person and humanitarian man. For those of you who don’t know him yet here in the USA, soon he will be popular here as he has been approached by a few publications and agencies in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. He is spectacular, stylish, fun to be around, smart, generous, well mannered, an extraordinary writer and is the author of a fabulous new column titled Diary of an It Boy,  rapidly growing in popularity. So I am delighted when he graciously gave me this exclusive interview. Now you’ll know why the audience have fallen in love with Emmanuel Ray and his work which is being called London’s answer to Sex & The City.

Register on http://www.emmanuelray.com and be one of the first to view Emmanuel Ray’s official website when it goes live!

Fashion commentator and presenter Emmanuel Ray represented Britain in the Los Angeles-based celebrity-led International NOH8 campaign when it was shot in London’s Soho Hotel. Launched by Hollywood photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley, the NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest in direct response to the passage of California’s controversial Proposition 8, which eliminates rights of same-sex couples to marry. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislations around the world, with “NOH8” painted on one cheek in protest.

RH: You had a difficult past growing up and a troubled childhood. What are some early experiences in your life that have shaped who you are today? 

ER: My parents always encouraged my ability to dream big. We were very poor but they saved up and sent me to St Thomas’ Prep School in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was a school attended by rich kids and they never accepted me as one of them. I remember being angry and bitter all throughout my school years. I later won 2 scholarships to continue my education and was determined to break out of poverty. Generational poverty has always been a big problem in Sri Lanka and I remember being very jealous of the other boys in school as they had everything I did not have; the cool trainers, video games, generous pocket money and so on.

My parents had been entertainers in their youth. Mummy was a dancer and Daddy was a singer but they gave up their dreams as the economic situation in the island wasn’t very good and the long civil war meant everyone was living in uncertainty and fear. Life in general was uncertain and my parents encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming an entertainer and also enjoy life at the same time, treasuring every moment as if it were the last. I think they both saw themselves in me and tried to live out their dreams through me, but in a good way as I always wanted to be a performer and entertainer. Now as a fashion commentator, I break the rules and add comedy, sex jokes and fun into my work which the audience loves. Fashion commentating can be seen as a boring job by many, but I am proud to say that when I speak, announce or present, everyone is all ears!

My earliest memory in school was my first day in school and a drawing class. We were asked to draw the first thing that came to our mind, and while all the other boys painted their houses, family, cars and so on, I painted a flamboyant peacock perched on top of a tree. My teacher told me I had a very creative mind and gave me a bag of sweets. I instantly developed an attitude and yelled at my father for turning up late to pick me up from school.

Despite being poor, my parents were always well dressed and well groomed. I learned “beauty & style on a budget” from them. Daddy taught me how to polish shoes and iron shirts and would always dress me up in little waist coats and berets and click pictures of me. Mummy encouraged my interest in dance and Daddy never stopped photographing me. I would watch TV when I went to relatives’ houses and dream of becoming a fashion icon and wearing designer suits and hosting soirées. I think most experiences I had as a child played a part in the development of my character and personality.

I always wanted to explore, experiment and create. I would stand on the beach at sunset and imagine what lay beyond the ocean. Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and everything about nature… from the fireflies dancing in the garden to the monsoon rain, the sea, sun and sand, from the lush green tea estates in the hill countryside to the elephants that roamed Kandy, the citadel in the hills – everything I saw, inspired me.

RH: What are the most important lessons that you’ve learned a long way, from the boy that sold snacks on the beach, to the brilliant modeling career —after failing hard, rising again to success?

ER: I’ve learned never to give up and that winners never quit. I have failed numerous times but always had a glimmer of hope in my heart and a strong voice in my head (probably that of my Dad’s!) that told me I will succeed. I also learned that we should never push away the ones that love us and cherish every moment in life. I have stared death in the face numerous times, thrown away every second chance I have had, and have made more mistakes than I can count. I learned that I can learn from those who are more experienced, mature and informed than oneself. I also learned that life is what you make and create. Some people may believe in destiny and fate. I do too, but only to a certain extent. Ultimately, it is ME who is in charge of my life and I must take responsibility for all the mistakes I have made. And I have made too many. It has been a learning curb, to be honest. I may not have degrees and qualifications on paper, but I had the best teacher in life; Experience.

RH: How do you feel about being called the male version of Carrie Bradshaw and having your column, Diary of an It Boy often compared to Sex & The City?

ER: I feel very happy about it, if I were to be honest. In a way, it’s hilarious to be called that. But many women can relate to Carrie Bradshaw, and many men can relate to my life, column and story. There aren’t many men writing columns similar to Diary of an It Boy and my audience constantly gives me great feedback, saying how funny and interesting the column is. Very often, at parties and social gatherings, I have people come up to me and say something along the lines of “Oh My God! I have experienced the same thing” or “I know exactly what you are going through” and so on. A lot of people give me good feedback, while some openly condemn certain things I talk about. One thing I love about my readers and audience in general is the fact that they are never afraid or reluctant to speak their mind to my face. If they don’t like something I have written or spoken about in my press interviews, they tell me. They also tell me what they think I should write about. They are always honest with me and I owe my success to them. An entertainer or artist cannot survive without the support of their audience. They are the ones that possess the power to make or break your career. So I always listen to what they have to say and spend time with them. If I am at an event, I make sure I speak to each and every one of them. This way, I always linger on their memory and the fact that I have no airs or graces, helps a lot.

Emmanuel Ray and model Philippe Ashfield wearing Antony Morato/Milan Fashions UK. Fashions Finest Awards 2011, UK. Photo by See Li.

RH: And how is your column different from the original show?

ER: Well, apart from the obvious difference of Diary of an It Boy being written by a man, I think the main thing that differentiates it from Sex & The City is the fact that it is written by someone who has worked hard to get where he is, with little or no resources. Also, it is set in London and everything in the column is REAL and TRUE, whereas Sex & The City is fiction. Diary of an It Boy is out and out factual and documents the life of a single man in London, who also happens to be a fashion commentator, socialite, presenter, human rights activist and charity fund raiser. It is also the story of how a boy who grew up in extreme poverty in war-torn Sri Lanka, went on to become an award-winning fashion commentator and presenter in Britain. Although most of my past will be written into the book I am working on. The column was spotted by a literary agent and she encouraged me to write the book. We have already had interest from a few publishers. Despite the advice I got from some people in the industry, I have decided not to have a ghost writer. I want to write my book by myself and although it is taking longer than I expected, because of my busy schedule, I want to write it in my own time. I want to do a good job as this book is for my audience, and they deserve the best for making me who I am.

RH: You won Fashion Icon of the Year at Fashions Finest Awards UK 2011. How does that feel? Are you getting more offers because of the award? 

ER: It feels AMAZING! I feel very honored and special that the British public both nominated and voted for me — a foreigner who has only been in the fashion industry for less than 2 years. I LOVE the fact that they love me and I owe most of my success to the immense support I have received from my audience.

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing and my publicist David Mann from Highmore PR (who is in the process of setting up a new PR agency) is taking care of everything while I relax in the spas and salons that have been offering me beauty and grooming treatments! I loved the Gina Conway Aveda Salon in London Kings Road so much I didn’t want to leave. The Nickel Spa for Men in Covent Garden and Jungle Fever Salon in Soho are also great. They treat customers so well in these places, and I am lucky not to have to queue to get an appointment. I love rest & relaxation in spas. Every time I finish presenting, commentating or any sort of work in general, I am back at the spa being pampered and spoiled!

I can’t reveal much but I have auditioned for 2 TV shows here in Britain. Now we’re playing the waiting game but I have to move forward. I’ve only had 4 brief appearances on British national television and radio and a few on satellite channels and overseas. So I find it surprising that people know me and come to see me at events and shows. I am also in the process of setting up 2 companies, and am talking to a film maker and 2 production companies that are interested in commissioning a documentary about me and a reality series about my life. There is so much work to do and despite working with a publicist, assistants and so on, I oversee everything and make sure I know exactly what is happening.

I am also being dressed by Italian fashion house Antony Morato (courtesy of Milan Fashions UK), award-winning British fashion label A-Hallucination and have just done interviews with the BBC and Exclusive Magazine, have shot for the Los Angeles based NOH8 campaign when they came to London, have done a cameo in a TV series pilot named Nightlife and have also filmed two scenes for Dumar, an independent British film in which I play a silent assassin. There’s tons more to do and I am working around the clock. We have also had interest from overseas; USA, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco and New Zealand. I can never refuse a good opportunity so I guess I will say YES to most of them. But I do my best to have a break every now and then. What’s the point of being in the creative industries if you cannot give yourself a well earned rest every now and then so you can relax, dream more and have as much sex as possible? This way, you nourish your body, mind AND soul.

RH: To whom do you credit your rising back to success?

ER: There are a few. My ex-lover Marcel, for giving me hope, being my pillar of strength and for being with me throughout the most difficult time of my life when I fought so hard to battle my drug and alcohol addiction. If not for him, I wouldn’t exist. He is the main reason behind my success and for this; I will forever be in his debt.

My parents for encouraging me to dream big and going out of their way to push me forward, my cousin Sulochana (a journalist) for making me feel and act like a star at all times, and my sister and brother for telling everybody about me (doubling up as my unofficial PR people!) and of course my first agent Simon Wilson for investing a lot of time and effort in my career. Then there are the friends, relatives, colleagues and contacts that have all helped me with the age old art of word-of-mouth. Thanks to them, my Google rating has shot up!

Almost every partner, lover and spouse (well, I’ve been married twice and engaged once!) I’ve had has contributed to my success in some way. These relationships made me happy, even though in many instances the happiness was quite short lived. They made me feel good and encouraged me towards pursuing my goal. Many times I lost track, but there was always someone to push me back into the path. Every photographer, journalist and of course my audience. They have all contributed towards my success. I know I repeat myself when I say this, but I cannot thank my audience enough for the love and support they have shown me. I feel overwhelmed by it all.

I must also thank my new publicist David Mann from Highmore PR is also very helpful., for being of great support and for handling all of my affairs, often doubling up as an agent (while I am looking for one) and for taking care of everything. I depend on him a lot. And I take great pride in saying that I was the first one to spot his talent and am helping him set up his own company offering public relations and event management to the fashion & entertainment businesses. He has a natural flair and talent for this business and I know for sure that he will go onto achieve greater things. I am also very proud to have a Publicist who is also an award winning Style Icon! He was crowned Style Icon of the West Midlands (UK) by the Westfield Group, the world’s largest retail property company. How fabulous is that?

So as you can see, Emmanuel Ray is a team effort. If not for all of the people I have mentioned, I would never have gotten to where I am now. So I owe my success to all of them.

Emmanuel Ray with Joan Collins at London Fashion Week ’09.

RH: Where did the idea of Diary of an It Boy come from? What is the definition of and It Boy? And what is your vision for the Diary of an It Boy?

ER: My previous agent Simon Wilson (from Express Broadcast) forced me to write a column saying I must have one to update my audience about what I get up to in my life and career. I was quite lazy but eventually gave in and started writing, soon realizing how much I enjoyed it.

A Sri Lankan journalist named Jayanthi Liyanage once wrote “When I write, my dreams become others’ dreams. I fly… using my pen as a steering wheel. Would you like to fly with me?” That is exactly how I feel when I write about certain things. Writing is very liberating. It is almost therapeutic. You’ll see what I mean when Diary of an It Boy the book, comes out. I see beauty in everything, mainly in nature. I am also providing snapshots of my past in the book. The column is mainly about my current life and career, the present.

The definition of an It Boy and It Girl are quite similar. Wikipedia it! You’ll see some interesting information on the It Girl page. But the page about It Boy seems to have disappeared. I have my own opinions and views as you know, so here goes...

An It Boy is a man who possesses timeless charm, individuality and originality. He adds new meaning to the word “unique” and a new term or adjective needs to be coined to describe his uniqueness! An It Boy also possesses generous amounts of “It”.

And “It” has nothing to do with looks, age, ethnicity, race, background, social status or financial wealth. “It” is all about personality, character and ability. It’s about standing up for the right thing and helping those who are less fortunate. It is about being thankful for what you have. It is about accepting your limitations and then overcoming them.

Every human being has “It”. It is what connects all of us together. It makes us REAL, raw and basic, stripped of the layers of fakeness and superficiality. “It” lies in the combination of our primal and gut instincts of doing what is right, or what we think is right or practical for now.

An It Boy knows no fear, faces no competition and has nothing to prove to anyone. The only person he needs to both fear and listen to is himself as he is totally self-made and would not exist if not for his own hard work, perseverance and beliefs. These are however, my own opinion which I built up and made up my mind about once you asked this question. I am naturally spontaneous. It makes me feel alive! I’ve never based my opinion on what others have said. I base it on my own experience. I need to see, hear and face. I am very hands on!

My vision for Diary of an It Boy the column is to turn it into a book and then write one every few years. I would love to see one published every year, but it will all depend on how much time I would have and what my audience would want. I think the first book will answer many questions I have in my head. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my life and career with my audience, through my column. So in a way I think I have achieved part of my vision already. But there is always more to come.

RH: You have a new book coming up soon. Can you share a little bit about it and when will it launch?

ER: I want to see it becoming a mixture of things for many; an entertaining read for some, a tutorial on life for others, maybe a How-To guide as well as a naughty read and guilty pleasure. Well, there’ a lot of love in it and generous amounts of sex! The book will definitely be a warning too, as it will bear all the mistakes I have made in life. I will also share everything I have learned through trial and error, from how to succeed in the business to how not to lose your REAL self. Like every author, I would like to see it become a best seller. I also want it to go down in history in a BIG way for some reason! Maybe it would become a TV series or a film, but I honestly can’t see anyone else playing me but myself! But I might be middle aged by then, so I guess it would make sense to see some hot young actor playing me. This is funny… the book isn’t even completed yet. But I did tell you I’m a dreamer. But my dreams do come true!

I hope to finish the book this year. Then it will launch next year. But you never know. Let me finish it first and then I’ll tell you!

RH: Which five words best describe you and your philosophy of life? 

ER: Live, Love and F*ck! OK that’s three words and they pretty much sums up my philosophy in life and I.

RH: What do you enjoy most about your job – and least? 

ER: MOST: Getting to do what I enjoy, the clothes and products I get, being treated nicely, audience interaction, being able to break the rules in the name of entertainment, helping up & coming talent in the industry, using my growing popularity and the flamboyance of fashion to draw attention towards charitable and humanitarian causes. Being made up, styled and air brushed to perfection so I get to look perfect even if it is only for a few hours. And definitely putting old fashioned eccentricity, a bohemian lifestyle and the art of dandyism back on the map! Also, hooking up with sexy pretty things and having more sex! Being touched, fondled and groped by uninhibited women is a definite plus. I also LOVE the attention the fabulous gay men bestow upon me. Gay men are the sugar coating of the audience community and they’re great! They are the backbone of the fashion industry and if not for them, the industry would be a rather pathetic and miserable one to work in!

LEAST: Bitchy, fake and superficial people whom I find totally annoying! Copycats, liars and backstabbers – they are too much of an effort. Having to answer to my Mum and explain the not-so-nice things I have said and done. She never misses anything. Having to look, act and be perfect all the time – it is such a pain in the balls! Conforming to stereotypes – I hate that with a vengeance but sometimes you just have to suck it up and play the game. Early starts. I hate them so much as I love sleeping until noon and it is rude to leave your bedmate on their own. They gave you a good time the night before so a lie-in and then some is basic courtesy! I also hate scripts, rehearsals and “the norm.” If the audience like and enjoy my performance, work and ME in general, why should I conform to these stupid unwritten rules that those that run the show expect me to follow? Isn’t being Emmanuel Ray enough of a reason to do things my own way?

Emmanuel Ray on the cover of My Kali Magazine 2010

RH: Who is your style icon(s) and why?

ER: My family. Daddy was a natty dresser and believed in looking presentable and well groomed. He always looked neat, chic and elegant. I learned how to look amazing on a budget from him. Mummy is more flamboyant and wears cheap jewellery with plain clothing so well it looks amazing. When we went out, nobody would have guessed we didn’t have a dime to our name! My sister’s style is understated and classic. But she always wears her wild unruly hair au-naturale and apart from framing her soft featured face so well, it contrasted well with her dress sense. My brother’s style is more sporty and relaxed. But he pulls it off so well. My cousin Sulochana (the journalist) was never afraid to be flamboyant and over-the-top. She would take ages to get ready and sometimes we would choose what each other should wear. She is one the first Fashionistas I met, and this was before the term “fashionista” even came into being.

Then there’s Marcel my ex. His style and look are very 1920s French riviera-style. Timeless elegance, chic and effortlessly elegant. He never wears prints or flamboyant clothing. Accessories are always kept to a minimum and he carries himself so well. Tailored shirts and trousers that accentuate his slim toned frame and tall figure, bags, belts and shoes that compliment the outfit and don’t contrast too much.

There is also a woman whom I nicknamed Blondie, who works at a kiosk opposite Earls Court underground station. A mature woman, she always looked like she’d just got out of the shower. Fresh, beautiful and always smiling, I used to chat to her whenever I passed by. She always wore red lipstick and her hair was always perfect. The blouses she wore, her pearl necklace and the way she carried herself made her look very 1950s.

I guess what I am trying to say is that most style icons are people we know and meet in our day to day life. Celebrities, film stars, entertainers and models always have a team of people who make them look perfect. There are stylists, make up artists, hair dressers, etc. who contribute to the fabulousness of a celebrity or public figure when they make public appearances or perform.

The REAL style icons are the ones who do it without help. They don’t need help as they are naturally stylish. A natural sense of style is something you are born with. It can be cultivated, brushed up and perfected over the years but the core of it is something that comes to you without any effort or help. So these REAL people are my style icons. They exist everywhere, just look around you.

RH: The Duchess of Cambridge is naturally a very stylish woman, who doesn’t have a stylist. She trusts herself to just go with her own style. What have you noticed in the changing of dress style in UK as a result of the Duchess? 

ER: I’ve heard constant gossip about Kate shunning stylists, then hiring one secretly and then not having one and so on. I don’t usually pay attention to gossip or anything that celebrities get up to. I only keep an eye on fashion trends as it is part of my job. I find the whole in-now out-soon process a big bore and time consuming.

I will gladly applaud any public figure who does not have a stylist and goes with their style. But we must accept the fact that everything in our world, work and life is changing. Stylists are a vital part of the fashion industry and are very much in demand in show business. But if someone feels they do not need a stylist, then that is a choice they make. Stylists are to the fashion and show biz what amyl nitrate is to BDSM Sex! Not everybody needs them to perform well!

In my own personal view, I think women who follow Kate’s style in the UK are a minority. It is usually a woman who is comfortable in her own skin who follows this style that is chic and elegant with a much understated touch of trendiness. It is smart, neat and polished. But it is also quite young and fun without being too loud. It is the perfect combination of style and comfort. I am sure Kate wouldn’t wear anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would put up with discomfort, pain and compromise just for the sake of fashion. She strikes the balance well and looks good doing it. So I guess women find this a good example and think “I want to look like that. Chic, ladylike, fun and glamorous – all at the same time.” All-In-One, a look for all seasons!

But women are constantly told in the media, advertisements, fashion magazines and campaigns, etc. that they need to look a certain way. It’s happening to men too. I am sick of seeing cover stories about the perfect abs in every men’s health magazine. I guess it is ironic I condemn this trend as I work in the fashion industry, but I am just being honest here. When did it come to this? When did it come to the point where brands and ads told people that they were not good enough, didn’t look pretty enough and had to change the way they looked? I guess it is also psychological. Human beings have a masochistic streak and have always enjoyed varying levels of pain. Being told, made to feel or worse, feeling UGLY (yes, I said it!) also causes pain. One wants to get rid of that pain but it is always temporary. It comes in the form of cosmetic surgery, a fake tan, anything that can turn back the clock and so on. But those who go down this route do not identify themselves with the Middleton Brigade! Now that is a different breed of woman we are talking about. As I explained earlier, they are women who are comfortable with themselves and want to accentuate what they have, not pay through their dainty little noses to look the way society, the media and the fashion & beauty campaigns tell them what they should look like.

The majority of the women here seem to favor fakery over all other styles these days. Fake eye lashes, hair extensions, fake nails, permanent make up, sky high heels, glittery dresses, fake tan, highlighters, bronzer and the list goes on. Not to mention the growing obsession with anti-ageing (botox, fillers, implants and what not!). A look that was favored by drag queens, then she males and trans sexuals has finally filtered down to REAL women, the majority of whom do not want to be REAL at all. I don’t think anybody saw this coming. It would be nice to see women celebrating natural beauty again, and putting an end to the endless quest for eternal youth, the obsession with attention-grabbing and looking like painted fake dolls. The fake look is now finding its way into men’s fashion. Many guys I know have now turned to tans, tinted eye lashes and brows, highlights brighter than the sun and whatnot. There’s looking well-groomed and neat and there’s over doing it! Why not look after your skin and treat it well and keep the make up and fakery to a minimum? I have never understood this obsession with tangerine tan, to be honest. I hope the Fake Trend in fashion and beauty will come to an abrupt end. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the REALness in a lot of these people!

RH: You are a human rights activist and raise funds for various charities. Tell us a little about this work. 

ER: It’s very satisfying. Almost therapeutic. Some people who don’t like me say I am doing charity work and supporting human rights campaigns for publicity. That is ridiculous. If I wanted publicity, then I can make a sex tape or strip naked on the red carpet! One of the reasons I do charity work and human rights is to encourage more young people to get involved in worthy causes and also to publicize the causes I get involved in. Fashion and show business can be very visual mediums. And they help draw attention to worthy causes.

I was photographed by Hollywood photographer Adam Bouska to represent Britain in the Los Angeles based celebrity-led NOH8 campaign when it was shot and promoted in London. I am very happy to have taken part in this campaign against California Proposition 8. Every human being has the right to live and love freely so I find it angering that governments use traditional values, religion and various other reasons to deny equality to an entire class of people.

I was the only guest to be interviewed on Stonewall LIVE Radio, USA’s first ever international broadcast. They want to feature me in Stonewall National Museum in Florida and I feel much honored. I was also the only entertainer to have appeared on Brit Asia TV’s Broken Silence programme on Sky, discussing the problems faced by sexual minorities within ethnic minorities.

Then I lent my support to the All Out campaign that successfully persuaded the government of Uganda to abandon the controversial Kill The Gays bill. I’ve always had a keen interest in promoting peace and human rights and have also attended the Ministry for Peace campaign in the House of Commons (British parliament).

I presented at Miss Sri Lanka UK 2011 in aid of the Sri Lanka Christian Association’s children’s day centre and playground in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. I have also raised funds for various charities; SOS Children’s Villages, Save The Children, Tree of Hope children’s charity, London Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund, St Mary’s Hospital Pædiatric Unit, Look Ahead Housing & Care, Shelter, Samaritans, Photovoice, Portugal Prints and Derbyshire Hepatitis C Charity.

In Sri Lanka, I helped the poor while working with the Anglican Church. I also tutored children of refugees displaced by the civil war while campaigning for the Ceylon Workers Congress and presenting at their events in Parliament. They support poor laborers in the tea plantation sector who face a daily struggle and live in poverty.

I also had a very difficult life growing up, but several people helped me. In Britain, the public has been very supportive of my work and constantly tells others, and word-of-mouth is the best news vehicle. My fans have made the events I present at successful, they voted for me at the Fashions Finest Awards and it makes me feel very special to have the support of the audience and my listeners, viewers, readers etc.

I owe my success to many people. I could never have achieved what I wanted without the help and support of countless numbers of people, so charities and human rights are my way of giving back, in addition to say thank you. Anyone in a position to make a difference or help those less fortunate, should do so. Enriching someone else’s life, standing up for the right thing and helping those who need your help are very special deeds. I did many horrible things in the past, so this is also my way of collecting brownie points to when I get to heaven!

Emmanuel Ray – Classic Portraits Photography by Kenneth Koh

RH: You publicly spoke about your personal life in a variety of publications and interviews going into a past with drug addiction —now you’re clean for about two years. Recently Amy Winehouse passed away at the young age of 27, following other talented artists including: Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.

What advice can you give to this young generation not to get involved with drugs?

ER: Saying “don’t do drugs, they’re evil” might not change anything. Human beings have always enjoyed what is bad for them, be it drugs or alcohol, fatty food and various other vices. Young people need to make their own mistakes and learn from them. But they need to realize that losing self-control and letting drugs control you is a definite path towards downfall. I deeply regret wasting my time, life and years on drugs and alcohol and being addicted to sex. That’s all I did. Sex, drugs, clubs, more sex… I was living in a bubble and I thank my lucky stars for my Ex Marcel. If he had not stepped into my life, I would probably have been dead by now.

The younger generation should listen to their loved ones and realize they are called “loved ones” for a reason. Some people are full of excuses for their behavior, citing broken homes and poverty as reasons for stealing, committing crime, doing drugs, running away from home, etc. But the truth is that your life lay in your hands. Your ambitions, destiny, career, happiness – all depend on YOU. I learned this the hard way and had to stop blaming others and making excuses.

Drugs will always be in society and no matter how many crackdowns and investigations are carried out; people who want cocaine, marijuana and various other substances will always find a way of getting them. Self-control and self-discipline is the main thing. It can be very hard to achieve for the majority of us, but speaking as someone in the creative sector, I would tell the younger generation to enjoy their vices in moderation. Too much of anything is good for nothing. We only have one shot at this life and we need to live it with happiness and contentment. Hard work and perseverance is key to making it in this business, especially if you don’t have famous or rich parents. So never let your focus on your goal waver and just keep at it.

Don’t give in to pressure and give yourself a break every now and then. Meditation and nature can do wonders to one’s personal satisfaction and relaxation. Some people might enjoy other tasks that make them feel relaxed, nourishes their soul and helps the well-being of their inner being. This is all part of self-discovery and knowing yourself and what works for you. Drugs and alcohol are temporary fixes. What you need is to find a balance and realize that illegal substances are not just a waste of money but are also injurious to your health. If you must do it and need it so badly, then do it moderately and don’t let it control you. You need to be able to stop when you want to and if you are unable to do that, then that is a sign that it is taking over.

RH: Are there any other thoughts you feel compelled to share? 

ER: I just have to thank all my audience for their support, your readers for reading this far and you, for this opportunity. I love your jewellery by the way, and look forward to wearing them!

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Emmanuel Ray picks up Fashion Icon of the Year Award 2011, dressed in Antony Morato/Milan Fashions UK. Photo by See Li.