Interview with International Model: Tomas Bohinc

Interview with International Model: Tomas Bohinc

Most of you already heard about or have seen Tomas Bohinc (a.k.a. BO) modeling campaigns especially in Europe or Southeast Asia. This 27-year old model, who is more than a face or a specific body size, quite confident, a hard working, kind and intriguing man. He’s gotten his looks through his Macedonian and Slovenian parents who taught him respect, loyalty, friendship and love. He speaks: German, English, Macedonian, Slovenian and Croatian. He has been on the runways of Germany, New York, London and China Fashion Weeks. His motto in life is always to think positively, enjoy life to the fullest and live your dreams. So enjoy this exclusive interview where he opens up about his work and dreams showing that his not just about looking good in photos. To learn more about Bo, please visit his official website.

Bo – Reflect Magazine – Germany

RH: How did you get your career started, and what path have you taken since?
TB: People always told me I should try to model. I went to some agencies in Germany, but it was always just a side job. Then I got more attention from foreign countries and I took steps to push my career foward and started traveling to different countries. New York, London, Tunisia, Slovenia, then got signed in Taiwan and in China. So since then I am a full time pro model.

RH: What other modeling projects have you done?
TB: I had some interesting projects. One was a video production, a portrait video of me. The video shows my movements and some actions from normal life, and also modeling scenes like an unusual runway on rails, and a scene filmed in New York on Time Square, and another one was a photo shoot in Tunisia where Star Wars was filmed in Matmata Tataouine in a great location. I was very busy in China and worked a lot. I did editorials, catalogs, fashion shows and also filmed 22 TV commercials for Chinese companies and for their National China Television.

Between all that, new offers came up for me to travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan. The past 2 months I was working in Taiwan. Soon I will keep traveling again.

RH: How would you describe your own style?
TB: My style I would describe as a mix between casual and elegant… timeless.

Bo – Humand Campaign

RH: What are some of your hobbies and interests?
TB: My biggest passion is Basketball. I was also playing before in the 2nd professional league in Germany. Now I do it for hobby since I model full-time. I also love going to the gym, running and taking yoga classes. I also love meditating. Love hanging out with friends, traveling, meeting people, love networking and connecting and helping people. Love eating great and delicious food.

RH: Your favorite time of the day? And season you like best? And favorite room in your house?
TB: My favourite time of the day is nights. I love the summer season the most! My favourite place in my house is to chill on the couch or in the bed.

RH: If you could be doing anything else what would it be?
TB: I would love playing basketball in the NBA or any other professional Basketball league in Europe.

RH: What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progressing?
TB: My goals in modeling, are getting more exposure in the states and also in Europe and working for good designers and brands. Also always getting better myself in all fields — working hard. My progress is going really well, I get a lot of offers and great responses from professionals in the industry.

RH: Have you ever bought something because it was fashionable? If so, what? What does fashion mean to you?
TB: Of course I look what is up-to-date in fashion, but I always have kind of my fashion combined with what’s up-to-date.

RH: Does the fashion industry exists mainly to persuade people to spend money on things they do not really need?
TB: No I wouldn’t agree with that! Fashion is a great thing! I think they are making us look good. Everybody is free to decide if he wants to spend money on fashion or not.

Bo Chrisdien – Deny Magazine

RH: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned along the way? And what’s been your best decision? And biggest regret?
TB: The best lesson I have learned in life: Life is a up and down with highs and lows. Negative also belongs to life, problems are there to solve them and learn from them. If you accept that then your life is easy and nothing can break you! You always have to know you are nr 1 without being arrogant. You are responsible for your decisions and you can guide your life in the direction you want to. Never listen too much to what other people say or think. Mostly they are jealous or just don’t have the free mind to go and change something in their lives. Everybody has to make his own things and experiences in life.

My best decision was not listening to other people anymore and taking steps in my life for all the things I want to do. So I became a very alive balanced person.

The regrets… not too many since they mostly turned out well or it was an experience more in life.

RH: What are you passionate about?
TB: I am passionate about my modeling of course and playing basketball, eating great foods, and having great times with my best friends enjoying and doing simple things… just being real!

RH: What are for you the keys to a happy and meaningful life? And what dream do you still want to fulfill?
My keys for a happy life are to make yourself happy first. Always believe in yourself. Listen to what you want to do and take actions for it! Don’t listen to others. Find your own balance for everything! Learn to handle your emotions.

I want have my own house in a nice and peaceful country by the ocean, and when I retire, chill and enjoy my life there with my family.

RH: What are your favorites books? What are you reading?
TB: I love books about personal development, motivation, and interesting stories. I just read a book about emotional intelligence.

RH: Which five words best describe you?
TB: Positive, Balanced, Driven, Real, Sociable.

RH: You have been working in China for three months. How is it? What surprises you the most there?
TB: Yeah… in the meanwhile it became 11 months. I extended since I got so many requests and working schedules here. Another reason is also I get along well with Chinese people. They are mostly very friendly and nice people. They treat me very well and respectfully here with what I do! The food is great and the living is also good so I can say I really enjoy my time here.
I got surprised by how much they love foreigners here! They love the foreign look so much and you get admired a lot, and many people look at you all the time everywhere you go.

RH: Are there any thoughts or anything else you’d like to say?
TB: My thoughts are… you can get inspired with so many things in life and also from people. Always be open to listen to people. Never underestimate people. They could open always new views or ideas in your life. Always treat people with respect. The way you are you will get it back.

Bo – Verdini ad Campaign

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting Bo.

Interview with Fashion Designer Adolfo Sanchez

Interview with Fashion Designer Adolfo Sanchez

Last year during one of the L.A. Fashion Week I had the opportunity to meet  fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez. I really liked what I saw from his collection on the runway for the first time since being acquainted in New York. Mr. Sanchez fascinated me with his ability and creativity to design such amazing garments. I made a point to let him know that I admire his style and uniqueness. No doubt that each piece he creates is original and brilliantly constructed, with extraordinary quality and special attention to detail.

Since then I’ve spent a little more time, my schedule permitting, following his work and attending his events, curious to see how his work evolves with time.

The 26-year-old and youngest of four, with both parents from Mexico, was born in Los Angeles and raised just South of L.A. in Orange County. That’s where Mr. Sanchez took his first steps into the fashion scene. A self-taught designer who simply followed his passion for clothes which guided him to his destiny of his own couture line: a women’s ready-to-wear collection that launched in 2006. After just a couple of years his line grows more and more each season and he along with it — because it is meant to be.

He has been showing his collections to the most prestigious runway shows from L.A and Las Vegas to New York Fashion Weeks, featured in countless fashion magazines, with great opportunities of working with a lot of amazing people. He’s dressed celebrities from the Gossip Girl actresses Shayne Lamas from “Leave it to Lamas”, pulled clothes for Nicki Minaj for one of her albums, and has now been approached by Fergie’s stylist. Adolfo just presented the line to Rihanna’s stylists as well. Women want his clothes for their edgy, sexy and modern styles that adorn a woman’s body so well. Dressed in an Adolfo line makes you feel strong, unique and desirable. So enjoy this exclusive interview with the man behind the scenes. To learn more about Adolfo Sanchez, please visit his official web site.

Adolfo Sanchez – collection

RH: When did your career in the fashion industry begin? And what did you do before?

AS: When I was about 15 or 16 years old, I started to really get into the art of fashion. My primary group of friends were largely interested in several of the fashion houses; through their influence, I got my first taste of the who’s who of fashion. I remember them showing me runway shows from designers like Thierry Mugler and Vivienne Westwood. Later on I began working in retail and soon I worked for some of the larger fashion houses like Gucci, and Versace. In early 2006 I decided that I wanted to design and really explore pursuing a career in the industry. Prior to pursuing my interest in fashion, I was just a rebellious teenager who was intrigued by underground aspects of art/fashion/music and exploring the latest trends. I always experimented with what I wore and enjoyed standing out from the crowd.

RH: What inspired your collection? Is it easy to come up with new designs?

AS: This season I wanted to create a dark collection with an aesthetic was wearable for women from east to west. Initially it began with the idea of lace and then after bringing the concept of a Victorian Goth collection together the lace was only used as a mask. I always love combining soft and hard details together for example we had dresses with a leather bustier inspired bodice and chiffon skirts. Wool and fur were some of the other textiles that played a big role in this collection. Overall, the collection looks soft and feminine but still incorporates details that very much let people know who I am as a designer.

RH: What are the benefits of your career? What do you find most rewarding?

AS: The idea of seeing your vision come to life when you see the complete line, as well as being able to experience the process of growth as an unknown designer to being recognized for your work and aesthetic. It’s a very rewarding feeling professionally and personally to see the transformation occur.

RH: What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label?

AS: I am a perfectionist so my main discrepancy is that sometimes I feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to make sure every aspect of the business is running as efficiently as I expect it to.

RH: What do you think fashion needs more of right now?

AS: More creativity. I feel like the main focus is on wearability, which I understand is definitely extremely important (it’s the lucrative part of the industry); however the art aspect should not be lost in the process. At the end of the day we are not only fulfilling a utilitarian function, we are extracting the unique remnants of an artist’s imagination that marks the current movements and influences of our culture. We are creating something that should spark curiosity.

RH: What skills do you need to be a fashion designer?

AS: Patience, technique, dedication, perseverance, thick skin, and creativity with an understanding of wear ability. I also think that in order to be a designer you should have the knowledge of how to construct a garment from scratch. You should know the process that begins with the idea in your mind to the finished product that is ready for a client to wear.

New True Blood Star Janina Gavankar in Adolfo Sanchez At True Blood Season 4 Premiere

RH: Do you design clothes for certain types of women?

AS: When I design, I have powerful, confident women in mind. She is comfortable with taking risks in life and with her personal style.

RH: What makes a woman memorable?

AS: A woman who is in full control of her style; when she actually wears the garment instead of the garment wearing her.

RH: What is your favorite piece from your collections that you are most proud of? Why?

AS: This intricate lace evening gown made up of 67 yards of fabric that I ruffled from the waist down. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces because of the amount of time I spent to get it done, in addition to how happy I was with the final result.

RH: Do you have admiration for any famous designer(s)? Why?

AS: Always and forever the work of McQueen will always be the ultimate definition of wearable art in my eyes … and so many of the big houses I love. I have followed the work of Gaultier and Galliano since I was 15 or 16. I think one of the most amazing and inspirational is Thierry Mugler. I was and still am fascinated with the way that he would transform women and a woman’s silhouette.

RH: Outside of fashion, what are you looking forward to? And what is your career objective?

AS: I’m very much looking forward to my upcoming trip to France this September. I love traveling and enjoy experiencing the culture in other countries.

RH: Any new or upcoming project(s) your are working on that you’d like to share with us?

AS: I’m happy to say that I will be showing and having a runway presentation in N.Y. this upcoming September; details should be announced soon. The trailer to my first film that I styled and custom created for will be out this summer. For the time being this is all I can really say as the rest is still in the development phase but believe me when I tell you that there is so much more to come.

RH: Are there any thoughts or anything else you would like to say?

AS: “The beauty of fashion is that, unlike a painting on a wall, fashion is wearable art that can be displayed anywhere you like”.

Adolfo Sanchez – collection

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the designer.

“Paganae” What does that Mean?

“Paganae” What does that Mean?

A couple of months ago, I discovered a Copenhagen-based Vegan Apparel line. At first I was intrigued with the name of the brand, and then I especially liked the philosophy behind the collection and began to be even more curious to discover the inspiration behind it all. Paganae was founded in 2007 by Graeme Cochrane, whose focus is on promoting and spreading a positive message with his cool, eco-friendly T-shirts and peaceful lifestyle. He invites us to live consciously, in harmony with our environment and all life, both plant and animal. Graeme encourages people to be more eco-conscious with his soft, comfortable T-shirts which make you happy to wear because of the way they feel as well as how they look and what they express. He graciously granted me an exclusive interview amid his busy schedule — enjoy learning about the man behind the brand “Paganae”.

RH: “Paganae” is the name of your brand, and what does that mean?
GC: Paganus is Latin and means a villager or someone ‘of the country’ as opposed to the civilized people living in the city. In western culture the word has often been used as heathen or heretical, especially in the term ‘pagan religion’. In a broader sense it has come to mean someone or something that is not mainstream, that does not follow the main religion or ethos of a given culture – in other words an outsider. The ‘ae’ ending is just to make the word plural.
I guess we thought that the word contained or captured an essential part of the vegan values. For many people meat eating is somewhat of a religion, and for vegans not to contribute to the practice of using animals for all kinds of things is like going against the stream. In line with our name is the name of the American internet radio show – Vegan Freak Radio.

RH: Tell me about your work space, and what first inspired you to design your vegan
T-shirts on your own?

GC: Our designs we make ourselves. We have a friend who is a graphic designer and who is the main graphic designer in the project. Developing the ideas and going from idea to design is a process we all participate in though, so it is really a collaboration of joined forces. We are around 5 people in the project.

As to the ideas of our designs we draw inspiration from various fields. A lot of us have written lyrics and rapped in the underground environment, where hooks are an important factor in the making of a track. I guess you could say that a sensation, a statement or a meaning is boiled down into few words or a metaphor – like that of art in general. We coin hooks thinking ‘out of the box’ and often combine something well-known with a new entry – like the ‘Chick Strike’ hook – or turn something upside down.
Graphically, we are inspired by clothing brands like Obey, Organika and Planet Earth, artists like Banksy and Iso50 along with a variety of other urban artists.

RH: How is your printing process? And where?

GC: Our ‘first edition’ T-shirts are made in 100% organic cotton in Nicaragua by the Fair Trade Zone. The Fair Trade Zone is a small, worker-owned cooperative that has been funded by the Center for Development in Central America (CDCA), a non-profit organization seeking to address human needs.
Being a brand whose ideals have moral character, we are happy to deliver our clothes to people in organic cotton from an independent sewing cooperative. They have been produced in a factory where the workers receive fair wages and benefits, have good working conditions and are not exploited. Better for your skin as well as for our planet’s, organic cotton is part of the organic wave that testifies to increased awareness and responsible action. It is important to us that sustainability remains where animals are not in the limelight.

RH: Eco-friendly fashion seems to grow more popular everyday. What are some of the
characteristics of your line that make it stand out from the pack?

GC: Some years ago we came across an Indian myth that can be summarized as follows: Back in the Genesis of the world, all animals were each allowed to give one illness to man for the misdeeds he would inflict on them. This myth sparked an idea — a design that drew inspiration from the movie poster for “Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back”. Our first hook had hatched and Paganae saw the light of day.

When this first idea came up – ‘Salmonella – The Chicken Strikes Back’ we had some 20 T-shirts made with the design screen printed on them at the local screen printing shop. We got some very positive feedback wearing this T-shirt, like people commenting on how great a hook/message the ‘Chick Strike’ was. Friends and relatives asked for a T-shirt and the 20 T-shirts we had made were very quickly sold or given away. From this point on we came up with more hooks and ideas, eventually decided to turn our designs into a more serious project and came up with a brand name. I guess we had come across many T-shirts with hooks like ‘Meat is Murder’, and regardless of the taste and temper of the individual vegan or vegetarian, this is a more direct approach which can be a turn off to some people. We wanted to give something to vegetarians and vegans that had more depth to it and had a more appetizing appeal to people, often people who are not into the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. The fact that not that many vegan clothing brands are around yet, we also see ourselves as a pioneer with this particular clothing brand.
At a more basic level, having been part of the vegan community for some years we wanted to contribute to the vegan cause besides following a vegan lifestyle in our daily lives.

RH: Why do you think people are shifting to organic products, clothing, food, home
furnishings, etc?

GC: In an ideal world products from food to clothing would have a warning label if they had been produced via child labour or in poor working conditions, with the help of pesticides, growth hormones etc. and not the other way around. But I guess this is a political discussion that has to do with the major scale consumption by especially people in western culture often under unrestricted industrial power.
I think people are beginning to realize the massive impact 6 billion human beings have on planet earth. Really, it’s not more than 60 years ago we began using all kinds of chemicals in our industries and agriculture and we’re just starting to learn how this affects nature and invariably ourselves. Fortunately, we do have experienced an organic and fair trade boom in the western world in the past couple of decades that testifies to increased awareness and responsible action. I definitely think this change in trend is noticeable and portends hope for the future. Slowly, I think organic and fair trade products will replace conventional production. At all events, we are proud to be part of that transition.

RH: Do you think veganism should be seen as a lifestyle? Are you a vegetarian? If
yes, since when?

GC: I have been vegan for just about 7 years now and couldn’t be happier with that choice. Before that I was a vegetarian for just about 2 years. The shift away from meat and animal products really has been inevitable for me because I became aware of the many problems related to consuming animals. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight but as I had been experiencing a radical change in the way I looked at non-human animals there was only one way for me – veganism.

Yes, I definitely think veganism should be seen as a lifestyle. The number of people following a vegan lifestyle has grown rapidly the past decade or so. Whether people get into veganism because of environmental concerns, for health benefits or due to an ethical elevation they experience, I think most vegans are quite informed about the many problems related to how humans treat non-human animals. Because vegans go ‘all the way’ as opposed to people buying ‘cruelty- or cage-free’ and ‘animal-friendly’ products, we mark a change of kind and not one of degree. This is the important difference between the philosophy of animal rights, which is quite controversial, and decent animal welfare, which most people can agree upon though the majority of these people does not act accordingly when shopping. In this connection we think of vegetarians as aspiring vegans or people who cannot live vegan due to practical reasons. Being vegan in a world of so many animal exploiting products, rituals and entertainment sometimes surely can be a hassle – it is easy to feel alienated, and this is why veganism is so much of a lifestyle. “No matter how many products in the supermarket, how many today’s specials are of animal origin and no matter how many of you enjoy a day at the zoo, none of that will have me by the balls”, said the vegan.

RH: Are your clothes only for vegans, or do you also want non-vegan people to buy
your clothes?

GC: Sure we want non-vegan people to buy our clothes. Anyone who likes or loves our designs and the messages they bring is more than welcome to wear Paganae – the message is delivered just as well by a meat eater, a vegetarian or a vegan. Of course, our primary target is vegans seeing that you won’t ever buy a design from us that favours egg or dairy consumption, or circus animals for that matter. This being said, a fan is a fan and an important keyword in developing our brand has been including rather than excluding. Our hope is that the subtle and humorous approach that our designs are characteristic of contribute to the vegan cause in a different way and stand a better chance of turning non-vegans on than the more direct approach. So whoever you are, please join in!

RH: What direction do you see for “Paganae” in the future?

GC: The styles of our first edition T-shirts are quite classic T-shirt styles from street/urban fashion. For future editions we hope to be able to expand our clothing line to dresses, skirts, jeans etc. for women and shirts, hoodies, polo’s, pullovers etc. for men along with caps, belts and other accessories. At some point maybe also vegan shoes.

RH: Are there any thoughts or anything else you’d like to add?

GC: Our aim is to be a place where anyone who is into future life can breathe with effortless ease. Grounded in the vegan movement, we have on our journey through uncharted territory seen our share of things that simply just don’t add up. Along the way we have become still more aware of the importance of taking sides against the violence and covetousness with which humans so often meet other creatures of our world.

The traditional and still prevailing view of animals is that they were put here for our sake, that they are a resource to suit our wants and desires. The practical facets of this stronghold inevitably involve rough and relentless treatment, and struggling against their will tightens our hold in return. Being equipped to carry out these actions against animals is the main purpose of our emotional detachment from them. We inherit this hardening through our culture, segregating us from them.
Since we are opposed to this view of animals, abstaining from the use of animal derived materials or labour is fundamental to us. Following the path from the dark part of the woods to the glades, we have our eyes fixed on an overriding goal: to bring us to a state where animals fill our hearts rather than our hands and bellies – to bring us closer to their homecoming beyond the hills.

Please check out Paganae’s official website.

[UPDATE] – unfortunately today I discovered that this business does not exist anymore 🙁 but we’ll keep the article  🙂

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the designer.

Blumera – Beautiful, Breathtaking Luxury Bags

Blumera – Beautiful, Breathtaking Luxury Bags

I  went to Beverly Hills recently to attend an event, and then just walked around the neighbourhood to shoot some photos. When I saw this beautiful long pink brick path, I noticed the name Blumera and I was curious to see where this path will take me. And as I walked further to the end I discovered a lovely garden area with wood table and chairs.

I was greeted by an adorable petite girl who invited me to come inside to see her boutique. That’s how I met Mehera Blum, an actress/designer and owner of Blumera. The inside of her store is ultra-feminine with a bright, elegant, intimate space, and a real vibrantly creative expression of colors. Amazing wood tree branches displays were everywhere, adorned with her gorgeous luxury bags that are to die for. Her inspiration for design came during the time of traveling to exotic colorful places like India and Indonesia.

Blum’s designed a collection of handbags, wallets, leather goods and accessories. All is entirely handmade and a work of art, with a very personal touch. Her color palate, which dominates her work and shop, is inspired by the the bright shades of magenta, orange, pink and red of India. Other embellishments include hand sculpted silver adornments which are engraved with quotes of love, life and beauty. Hand cut leather bags are all braided and given a silk tassel. She just started to export her bags to the Middle East, and hopes that Europe will soon follow.

Hollywood superstars are already fan of Blumera bags as seen on Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes and many more. Featured in varieties of magazines like: India Vogue, LX Magazine, Life & Style, and Fusion Magazine.

Blumera Boutique is located on 8570 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Make a note, there’s a private entrance to the side of the shop that makes it easy to run from the glare of the paparazzi camped outside on Melrose. You can’t miss it because the cement path is in bright magenta and green moss.

Please also check out Blumera’s official website.

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the designer.

Glamorous Grace Kelly

Glamorous Grace Kelly

“I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others.” ~ Grace Kelly ~

If there is one thing that is foreign to me it is shopping for pleasure. On the other hand, I believe that it is right to honor all those who create beautiful things and give satisfaction to those who see me wearing them.”


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Celebrating the holidays and Bella Bohemian’s 5th Anniversary as I went back, rummaging through my boxes and found an enormous variety of stones, metals and beads, and other materials which I’ve been collecting since the beginning of Bella Bohemian. I transformed these assortments into one-of-a-kind jewelry. The Bossa Nova collection is a line that mixes simple and elegant pieces, while the bold Bella Bohemian style is a joy to wear in all seasons… “Whether you’re on the beach in Malibu or the Hamptons or on the streets of New York City, there are no boundaries.”

Vive la bohèmien touch!

You’ll discover several great finds for far less than you’d think, with intricate unusual beadwork. These collections are fun, colorful and cheerful, aiming to reflect all the passion in everything that we do. Inspiration is everywhere, each piece is simply the jewelry you must have as it adds the WOW touch of glamour to any occasion. It’s for women who love to take fashion into the everyday life to have more fun.

You will never go unnoticed!

Welcome to Bella Bohemian by Rhônya Holman please check out the official website:

Enjoy Bohemians!

Designer Profile: Hot!Couture Sara Di Salvo

Designer Profile: Hot!Couture Sara Di Salvo

Last year I met a young designer Sara Di Salvo during one of New York’s fashion shows in the Meatpacking district. An adorable girl who speaks English with a lovely Italian accent, I would prefer to speak Italian with her but she said “no, no, no… I have to practice English during the time I’m in New York.” “No problem with me,” I said…

During our conversation I noticed that she was observing me a lot — think she was unsure of what to say. I told her she can relax with me and tell me her story. Mrs. Di Salvo is a 26 years old Rome born Italian designer who graduated from the International Fashion Academy “KOEFIA” of Rome. Debuting her first graduation collection in 2008 at the “Spazio Etoile” her inspirations come from images of her surrounding. During these visual experiences she creates amazing, sensual and elegant collections based in incredible attention to detail in tailoring and passion for fashion. She choreographed her own photo shoots to make sure that everything goes well in expressing “her”. Sara’s dresses were well received and therefore a great success by the public, and caught the eye of famous fashion experts and TV shows in Italy.

She’s been featured in Italian magazines e.g., DMODA, Suitcase and many more. Her gowns are top quality and definitely Red-Carpet style. Soon she will be on everyone’s lips. Below are images of her 2010 new collection Come Un Fiore. Please check out Sara Di Salvo’s official website:

PS: All images here are used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the designer.

Photographer of the Month — Pete Ambrose

Photographer of the Month — Pete Ambrose

Pete Ambrose a 28-year old talented photographer who describes himself as an artist’s brat. He’s from all over the country, born in Colorado, lived in California and New York, but spent his formative years in West Virginia.

He received his education and graduated from Ithaca, NY College with a major in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts.

Mr. Ambrose began his career in 2001 when he picked up the camera for the first time for college projects. As a visual artist, he thought to be a filmmaker, but things didn’t materialize fast enough because of his own impatience. Then he picked up the camera again and found a very stylized aesthetic foundation to convey what he wanted artistically. Inspired by famous photographers like: David LaChapelle, David Bailey, Sally Mann and many others, he reinvented himself artistically. As he would put it in his own words: “Fashion and Photography are like peanut butter and jelly – amazing in their own right but their combined visual potential allows for a world of artistic and commercial communication. Both Photography and Fashion capture the world as it is and culture as it evolves. They both do it from different perspectives but rely (not wholly, but significantly) upon each other in many ways to stay relevant in contemporary society”.

Today he works in his studio in Los Angeles where his photographs stand out amazingly, with a wide variety of images that reflect uniqueness and extraordinary quality. He’s worked for the likes of America Online, Delicious Vinyl, Barack Obama on his presidential campaign, Jorian Hill Vineyards and many more clients.

He has two coffee table books coming out, one fashion, one fine art, toward the end of this year. Please check out Pete Ambrose’s official Instagram. Below are some of he’s awesome pictures…