Vintage Floral Tea Cup and Flat Lays

Vintage Floral Tea Cup and Flat Lays

Hello dear friends! The new month is here and it’s going to be beautiful and I’m thrilled to have such great weather to take more photographs and have fun around town.

These are shots that I took of the beautiful vintage tea cup set that I found at the antique store in Temecula, here in San Diego. It’s a cool little town that I’ve been visiting for two years to find treasures, relax and eat good food.

Since I discovered flat lays, I’ve been kind of obsessed with the whole creative process, anything that can be mixed catches my attention like: flowers, branches, leaves, sea shells, candy, delicious food, fruits, vegetables and the list goes on …

Thought of sharing these soft pastel color photos using the vintage tea cup set as a center piece and peppermint tea, styled on my hand painted wooden board, with petals of pink flowers, evergreen needles, and dark berry branches all around. I kinda liked the way the arrangement and its angle turned out. It’s something I’d like to do more of, though practice makes perfect.


  • Also I was thrilled to be featured on the Instagram of Jessica Colaluca from Design Seeds, category [color sip] she did wonderful work coordinating the color palettes with my photo.

Please also visit her website: Design Seeds

Flat Lays and Bougainvilleas

Flat Lays and Bougainvilleas

Hello friends!

— Welcome February …

You may notice that there are always new projects I get myself into. Hence my posts are a combination of photographs, recipes, baking, growing the little garden, and playing with flat lays, the latter is something new that I’ve enjoying creating and lining things up in between working and developing the Bella Bohemian brand. Crazy long hours and days with a lot of lovely work to do, but I’m happy doing all these things because I love to create something beautiful everyday. The imagination never sleeps.

I’ll post some of these new projects in the coming days, sharing what inspired me last year, telling my stories through pictures about things that I did create but hadn’t had the time to write about. Working from home, sipping a cup of tea, eating homemade food, doing what I’m passionate about, and loving it all …

Thought of sharing the Autumn flat lays with a wintery atmosphere. Also showing off this 1950s oval shaped vintage mirror that I found in the Flea Market in LA and transformed it into a new shabby wooden board, a project that took me two weeks to complete.

I hand painted each side in two different colors, in simple white and pale moon using matte acrylic distressing paint then finished with rough sand paper and coached with clear wax and now I’m styling products on the board and playing with flat lays as well. The photographs most of the time turned out amazing, showing the vintage brown spots in contrast to placed colors and objects.

Cheers to a great month!!! ✌︎♥︎

Had so much fun playing with these little pumpkins and petals of flowers, then gathering them together and having them pose for you …

The white Bougainvilleas beautifully dancing to the sound of the wind on a chilly Sunday.

Wherever you are, wish you happiness and joy in the simple beauties of life.

Hope you like it and can also follow it on Instagram where weekly I usually post a beautiful, inspiring image.

Have a Fantastic New Year

Have a Fantastic New Year

Hi dear readers, hope you enjoyed the holiday break with friends and loved ones where ever you are, be it in the tropics or in snowy places.

Hope you are rested and ready to a fresh start?! I think 2017 is going to be an amazing and interesting year! May it be a year of peace and understanding among humanity. That way we can stop being too sensitive and instead, work and progress together for a better future.

How can one help others without first looking inside, establish inner peace and clarity, long before attempting to change the world at large!? Oddly, so many people quote ‘be the change‘, yet their actions point more towards rash outer anxiety and even aggression as opposed to actual quiet, inner work over time. If benevolent change is sought, responsibility starts within and from there, love, maturity and wisdom radiate outward. That’s the only way productive change can happen. This may sound like I’m preaching, however, it is the truth, with hope of inspiring a few …

So let’s speak up for what we believe for sure, but do a little research first on the subject, so we don’t look like a fool. Don’t anticipate, judge or classify anyone for what may happening. First, give a person a chance, inspire and be inspired; share kindness with strength, forgiveness and gratitude and your dreams will come true.

Wishing you all the Best for the New Year — let’s make the most of it!!!


November and Autumn

November and Autumn

Happy November to all …

Slowly we’ve been experiencing quite the whiter blues in San Diego in the past few weeks. The sun shys away sometimes between the clouds, followed a cool freshness that is most welcome after a hot summer.

The sea is cold but you always see surfers venturing into the frigid waters wearing their full wet suits, children still play in the sand building castles and other cool stuff … To my surprise the city is full of tourists oft given away by a myriad of colorful license plates. Traffic is insane sometimes, even in October!

I’m having a wonderful Autumn, lots of work and play, like I mentioned before, experimenting with flat lays lately and learning new ways of styling photos more beautifully, for my home and website.

As I was digging in some boxes in the garage, still there since my move from New York to San Diego four years ago, found an amazing collection of beautiful things and gifts that were given to me decades ago. Gifts that I hadn’t had the opportunity to display or use yet, until now in my photographs.

Below are some photos I took recently with flowers from a local market, leaves, pine  cones, branches and such that I picked up on my walks home, and fruits and vegetables from the farmers market, all combined.

Have a fabulous month!






September and Harvests

September and Harvests

Most of these images are from two weeks ago as I didn’t get a chance to share them earlier. I thought that September is a perfect month to post these beautiful and delicious tomatoes which I proudly grow myself. I created a mini garden for the first time on my balcony where I am now surrounded by colorful pots and vases, some which I hand painted in different bright colors, and planted rosemary, thyme, sage, green onions, parsley, basil, lemon balm as well as tomatoes, radishes, red bell peppers and aloe vera.

And if that weren’t enough, there was still space to also plant a fern, string of pearls, monkey cups, a bug eating plant, and a hanging cactus that looks like a beautiful cascade of colorful mini red balls that later blossom into white flowers. I remember it was nothing more than a tiny branch when my mother gave it to me in 2010.

Since then I’ve been practicing new photography styles, angles, lighting and effects with my new Lumix DMC-ZS40 and the new NEXUS 5X phone, both which I received as gifts. It’s been so much fun playing around and learning new things.

Below are some photos that I took with the vegetables and fresh herbs from the garden against the wooden board that I really like to use to add a background texture. Also enjoying the experimentation with flat lays which are something completely new to me.

Hope you have an amazing week!






Recipe — Summer Toasts

Recipe — Summer Toasts


Happy Saturday (or Sunday for those early risers across the globe) to all – sharing today another round of healthy snacks for this Summer. Toasted on sourdough bread with sprinkles of organic broccoli sprouts, dill, fresh fruit, delicate slices of cucumber and hemp-seeds. Beautifully presented to you homemade, with love, using some of the herbs form my little private green garden. Ohhh it feel so good to go there and snip fresh herbs, harvest tomatoes and prepare the food the way I want it.

Hope you enjoy every bite and the recipe is below for you to try out. If you have any question or comment, just drop me a line.

Have a great weekend!!!  (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*


Summer Toasts

Ingredients: Serves 2

    • 1 organic fresh ripe avocado
    • 2 tbsp organic red Spanish onions peeled and finely chopped
    • 2 tbsp organic sweet mini peppers, washed, seedless and chopped  [mixed colors]
    • 2 tbsp organic fresh cilantro rinsed and chopped
    • 1/8 tbsp organic garlic minced
    • 3 tbsp yellow cling peaches in extra-light syrup, chopped
    • 2 tbsp extra-light syrup
    • 2 organic large hard-boiled eggs, cooler and chopped
    • 3 tbsp mayonnaise [I used Hain Safflower Mayonnaise]
    • 2 tbsp raw shelled hemp seeds
    • 1 tbsp organic dill rinsed and chopped
    • 7 slices sourdough toasted bread
    • Kosher salt and black freshly ground pepper to your liking

How to Prepare the Summer Toasts:

  1. Preheat oven: 360°F.
  2. Toast the bread slices on a baking sheet in the oven for 10-12 minutes, until golden and crispy.  Don’t forget to flip to brown both sides.
  3. Place the 2 eggs in a small saucepan. Cover them with 1 inch of cool water by. Bring water to a boil over high heat for 8 minutes for large eggs [10 minutes for extra large; 7 minutes for medium eggs]. Remove from burner. (Since I don’t know the size of your sauce pan and hence the amount of water used, you’ll need to make the necessary adjustments.)
  4. Drain immediately let cool completely under cold running water or in a bowl of ice water, then refrigerate.
  5. Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed, scoop out the inner flesh of the avocado with a spoon, separating it from the outer skin. In a bowl mash the avocado flesh with a fork, add the red onions, sweet peppers, cilantro, garlic, peaches, salt and fresh black pepper for taste. And last, add the extra-light syrup mixing all the ingredients together until smooth. Let cool in the refrigerator.
  6. In another bowl, mix the chopped cool eggs with mayonnaise, hemp-seeds, dill, salt and fresh black pepper to taste. Mix all the ingredients together gently with a rubber spoon.
  7. Generously spread the cool avocado with a spatula on the toasted bread. Add thinly sliced radishes on top and garnish with your favorite greens (let creativity run wild) and a little bit more hemp-seeds. Or organic broccoli sprouts with thinly slices of cucumber.
  8. In another toasted batch of bread, generously spread the egg mixture with a spatula. Garnish with organic raspberries, apples, strawberry or pear slices. I’ll leave that to your imagination and preference …

2016 - Summer Toasts photo 3 by Rhônya Holman for

2016 - Summer Toasts photo 2 by Rhônya for

Recipe — Savoury Summer Snacks

Recipe — Savoury Summer Snacks

Hello August and the last month of Summer!

Today I’m sharing three simple recipes of my favorites snacks that are, healthy, delicious and satisfying. These snacks will keep you full for hours and help you keep going through the day …

First, we’ll start with organic and fresh ingredients that are always in my kitchen. I’m often looking for ways to have a productive day without stressing too much about food, eating and especially preparation of things that are not good for my health and that will eventually affect my disposition or mind, mood and energy level.

I like to create pretty, tasteful and colorful food that makes me happy, pleases my eyes as well as tickles my palate.

Have an amazing weekend!


Savoury Summer Snacks

Ingredients: Serves 2

  • 3 tbsp organic ricotta cheese, room temperature
  • ¼ tsp organic black chia seed
  • 1 tbsp yellow cling peaches in extra-light syrup, chopped + extra slices for topping the toast
  • 2 tbsp organic creme cheese, room temperature
  • 2 tbsp organic red Spanish onions peeled and finely chopped
  • 10 slices cold-smoked salmon, cut into bite-size pieces + chopped capers + arugula for topping
  • ½ cup roasted cherry tomato + radish slices and fresh basil for topping
  • 2 slices natural Italian salami [I used this salami]
  • 7 slices sourdough toasted bread
  • Kosher salt and black freshly ground pepper to taste

How to Prepare the Snacks:

  1. Preheat oven: 360° F.
  2. Toast the bread slices on a baking sheet in the oven 10-12 minutes, until golden and crispy.  Don’t forget to flip to brown both sides.
  3. In a small bowl, mix the ricotta cheese with black chia seeds and chopped peaches.
  4. Generously spread the ricotta with a spatula on toasted bread. Add thinly peach slices on the top and garnish with pumpkin seeds, chopped lemon balm leaves and a drizzle honey.
  5. In another small bowl, mix the creme cheese with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and chopped red onions. Generously spread some creme cheese with a spatula on your toasted bread. Add the smoked salmon on the top and garnish with capers, arugula, thinly sliced lemon, and fresh black pepper.
  6. On a baking sheet lay the cherry tomatoes, cut side up, in a single layer, lined up with parchment paper. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Roast for 30 minutes. Increase the oven temperature to 400° F and roast the tomatoes until caramelized for about 20 more minutes.
  7. Generously spread the roasted tomatoes with a spatula on the toasted bread. Add fresh basil, radish slices and roled Italian salami held in place with a garnish stick.


2016 - Summer Snacks photo 2 by Rhônya Holman for

2016 - Summer Snacks photo 1 by Rhônya Holman for

2016 - Summer Snacks photo 4 by Rhônya Holman for



Feel free to substitute ingredients relative to your own preferences. For example, use peaches in light syrup and no honey.

Spring in Bloom

Spring in Bloom

It’s sunny in San Diego with beautiful crystal blue water and amazing combinations of colors surrounding our homes and gardens. Spring it’s one of my favorites season. I like to watch the little buds transforming into lovely flowers. Enjoy photographing even the little bees that stop by to kiss the flowers, hearing  the birds singing their melodies that I don’t understand but sounds pleasant and tranquil to my ears. All are precious moments to me. Sometimes when I’m photographing I scare a bit when a rabbit jumps up next to me. But then I see them playing with each other and quickly hide between the bushes when they hear someone approaching.

Also this post is in honor of Mother’s Day, in between I selected a few of my photos to dedicate to all the mothers out there. Wishing each mother in the world an amazing and a magical Mother’s Day! We have to cherish our mommy everyday with respect and love because everyday is Mother’s Day to me.