Gift-Wrapping Ideas from Bella Bohemian

As I promised, here are a few ideas of store-bought gift wraps in a variety of sizes and shapes. DIY holiday presents using accessories from the Bella Bohemian Papeterie new line … I had so much joy wrapping, styling and photographing each gift because it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing just as much as I love giving presents.

Be an Adventurer

I instantly fell in love with the whole process and since then, I’ve been practicing, not worring at all about outcome, but just having fun in the doing, even when adding the tiniest little things with tweezers. I enjoy gathering all the supplies, taking a trip to the flower shop and putting a lot of time into styling each photo whitout trying to be perfect. I must really be enjoying myself as even the clean-up after doesn’t bother me!

Recipe — Sumac Avocado Toast and Mediterranean Style Toast Prosciutto

The flavor of sumac is incredible, so I decide to be more creative with this spice mixing it in with avocado and pouring it on top of toasted bread. The warmth of a soft boiled egg enhanced with sumac, deliciously melts in my mouth.