Beautiful Doorsteps & Windows with Flowers

Here I have the chance to explore one of my passions: photography. I don’t feel confined or sad anymore as I did in California. Now I’m feeling strong and invigorated each day. I am both lucky and grateful that I am able to capture the spirit behind new places in my photos and feel a connection while telling my stories.

Modern Mixed Media Artworks

Last year I took Summer and Fall art classes at local community college, learning about color, various paints and their textures and pigmentation, gathering techniques and experimenting with all kinds of combinations of mediums while also observing closely the teachers and the other students.

Gift-Wrapping Ideas from Bella Bohemian

As I promised, here are a few ideas of store-bought gift wraps in a variety of sizes and shapes. DIY holiday presents using accessories from the Bella Bohemian Papeterie new line … I had so much joy wrapping, styling and photographing each gift because it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing just as much as I love giving presents.