One small note about leaving comments:

To make the site more secure and reduce spam, we need visitors to login before posting comments — and you can do that simply by using your existing social media account.

  1. The easiest is, when you first arrive, click on the Log In link under Rhônya’s portrait on the home page. Click on one of the supported social media buttons (one that you’re part of) and that’s it – no typing. You’ll be able to comment at this point.  — OR
  2. At the bottom of any blog entry you’ll see the message “You must be logged in to post a comment.” Click on logged in, click on a social media button (relative to a social media site you’re a part of), and you’ll be taken back to the site’s home page. Browse back to the blog entry where you wanted to comment, and voilà, you can now leave your thoughts …

Happy Trails,
~ Detlev


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