Viva La Vida

The path of life is more smooth when you go with the flow and let it be guided by the silence of your soul. It’s when you stop resisting that inner voice, it will tell you which direction to take. There will be no more hardships or difficulties because you are at peace with your body, mind, heart and soul and your perspective changes.

Finist the Falcon

Once upon a time there was an old man who had three daughters. The eldest daughter and the middle daughter never thought about anything except clothes and how beautiful they’d look if they could only buy a new this or that. Mary; the youngest daughter, did all the housework and felt happy just as she was. Not that she wasn’t pretty. Her dark brows arched over the beautiful eyes of a falcon, and ample brown hair flowed down to her waist.

Back to the Big Apple

I loved the excitement of every aspect of life in Manhattan – the sense of adventure was unlike anything I had known. Armed with a single Metrocard I could travel throughout the five boroughs and see all kinds of interesting people and places. New Yorkers have a reputation as being tough and rude but in reality they are down-to-earth, friendly people. This city really lives 24 hours per day. You can have a late dinner, enjoy a stiff drink after midnight, travel home in the wee hours of the morning – and still people are out having fun.