Bella Bohemian featured in the Jewelry Affaire Magazine

Bella Bohemian featured in the Jewelry Affaire Magazine

Hello lovely people! It’s been awhile…

Something I’ve realized recently is that I have to celebrate everything, absolutely everything, with the love of my life, friends, family, even the whole world, because my joy overflows from within. Packed with lots of happiness in my heart, I’m sharing a secret that I’ve been keeping for six months. I’m currently featured in the new Summer 2017 issue of Jewelry Affaire Magazine – a popular artisan magazine in the USA. On pages 8-9 I’m showing how to make one of my Bohemian necklaces. It’s something exciting to me since I really enjoy making things with my hands and don’t mind in explaining and sharing ideas or passing information along with those who are interested in learning new things in life.

I’m grateful and thankful for the opportunity of being published. It’s very important to see my work being recognized for the first time in a magazine, and for that I’m thrilled and very happy.

For those who know me for a very long time, know of my beginning, and to finally experience an acknowledgement of my hard work and growth feels incredible! To me, these are moments to celebrate with those closest to me, and that makes the experience even more amazing. There’re no words to express how it feels inside. It’s something completely new to me. I have this subtle feeling inside of me telling me this is just the beginning of many more exciting moments to come.

Much love to all!!! 馃挄聽馃帀聽馃挮


A BIG thank you to the editor Kelly Kirchner and the entire team @stampington.

The Huntington Library

The Huntington Library

Happy May to all and hope you are enjoying the full bloom!

Today I’m sharing some photos from my recently visit to The Huntington Library in San Marino, LA. It’s my second time exploring this beautiful place and it’s interesting to see the different gardens, e.g.聽the “Japanese Garden”, the “Desert Garden”, and the “Chinese Garden”, as you walk through the grounds. It feels like you’re entering a different world. It’s impressive and peaceful at the same time.

There’s so much to see, it’s best to take your time and come again to see more. The admission is on the expensive side at $23 for adults, but worth every penny … 聽We visited during the weekdays when it’s less crowded and allowed us to slow down and enjoy each garden, walk slowly and take photographs. When you get exhausted, find a grassy space under the shade of one of the many voluminous tree. It’s a pleasure to just sit for a moment, take in so many different blooming aromas from the gardens and listen to the water of the ponds. Either that or you’re even welcome to nap. Sounds wonderful no?

Hope you enjoy the images; but it’s a far cry from the real experience! I’ll be back with the part 2 post.


Beautiful happy birds singing in sunny days at Huntington garden.

The Golden Barrel cactus from Huntington Desert Garden.

Water Lily pond at Huntington Garden.

Huntington Wooden Bridge of the Japanese Garden.

Lead the way path to the Japanese Garden.

Happy Easter 鈥 Feliz P谩scoa

Happy Easter 鈥 Feliz P谩scoa

Hello and Happy Easter!

Easter kinda snuck up on me, so I would like to share a last minute post. As many of us prepare to express our Easter spirit, here are a few things that I came up with using egg shells I’d collected a while back. These I hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paint in between with others working things. I’d bought some flowers and I started digging inside some boxes and bags of decor and jelly beans, to name a few, to look for what I already have, to arrange an Easter flatlay.

I cut an egg box in a half and then filled it with dry petals of small roses, then added the painted eggshells with different varieties of candy and embellished with some small brown and white feathers around the eggs. Next, I shaped a nest using some dry branches which had been come with a bouquet of flowers. These branches looked kind of fancy, so I’d decided to keep them; and as it turns out today, had a chance to put them to good use by transforming them into a lovely nest that later turned into a great center piece for Easter.

I took some pictures just to share what I’m planning for this Easter Sunday.

Wishing you a peaceful and a beautiful Easter with your loved ones. 馃挄聽馃惏


Have a Fantastic New Year

Have a Fantastic New Year

Hi dear readers, hope you enjoyed the holiday break with friends and loved ones where聽ever you are, be it in the tropics or in snowy places.

Hope you are rested and ready to a fresh start?! I think 2017 is going to be an amazing and interesting year! May it be a year of peace and understanding聽among聽humanity. That way we can stop being too sensitive and instead, work and progress together for a better future.

How can one聽help others without first looking inside, establish inner peace and clarity, long before attempting to change the world at large!? Oddly, so many people聽quote ‘be the change‘, yet their actions point more towards rash outer anxiety and even aggression聽as opposed to actual quiet, inner work over time. If benevolent change is sought, responsibility聽starts within and from there, love, maturity and wisdom radiate outward. That’s the only way productive change can happen. This may sound like I’m preaching, however, it is the truth, with hope of inspiring a few …

So let’s speak up for what we believe for sure, but do a little research first on the subject, so we don’t look like a fool. Don’t anticipate, judge or classify anyone for what may happening. First, give a person a chance, inspire and be inspired; share kindness with strength, forgiveness and gratitude and your dreams will come true.

Wishing you all the Best for the New Year 鈥斅爈et’s make the most of it!!!


June and Bella Bohemian

June and Bella Bohemian


Hope you all had a great long weekend! It’s June already and I’m hardly believing how time is passing by so fast. The weather in San Diego has been mostly cloudy for a few months now. The sun shows up sometimes but shyly (is that a word?) so from behind the clouds around noon for little while and then goes back into hiding.

I don’t allow the weather to affect me or interrupt the things I have to do. On the contrary, the clouds make me more productive while keeping things nice and cool. At some point, I can take long walks near the coast and feel the breeze.

I’m so thrilled to share the new line of bracelets for women that I handcrafted recently at my studio in San Diego. The whole collection was created with a Bohemian look and feel, using a great selection of materials that I hand picked myself like: charms, metals, leather, beads, corals, wood, seeds, pearls, sari silk, colorful threads, buttons, Swarovski crystals, sparkling gemstones, then mixing and matching different styles and shapes of chains and clasps that are lead and nickel free. All of the twenty six (26) bracelets and bangles are unique from one another with details that will be noticed as soon as you try them on. They are comfortable and light weight as well while looking simply beautiful around the your wrist.

All Bella Bracelets come with a dainty oval oxidized copper tag with our exclusively engraved brand name and logo, which is a Registered Trademark. This way you can be sure these pieces are exclusively handmade by Bella Bohemian.

The pieces are beautifully arranged and well wrapped. The styles vary from delicate with a few charms to more elaborate and beaded bracelets. Or if you like, you can stack up a few bangles adding to the mix other charming bracelets. Each is colorfully accented with interesting combinations to match your style for a modern bohemian look.

Explore the collection and let me know how you like it. I encourage my clients to send me a photo of them wearing our pieces, and with their permission, we’ve been adding them to our new testimonial page on the website.

BRA1_Juliette up cycled antique brass barcelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com


BRA6-1_Modern Bohemian Bracelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com

BRA4-1_Delicate Bohemian Bracelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com

BRA8-1_Set of two delicate friendship Bracelets - 2015 bellabohemian-com

BRA7-3_Bella Rocks Bracelet - 2015 bellabohemian-com

Have fun shopping!!

Spring in Bloom

Spring in Bloom

It’s sunny in San Diego with beautiful crystal blue water and amazing combinations of colors surrounding our homes and gardens. Spring it’s one of my favorites season. I like to watch the little buds transforming into lovely flowers. Enjoy photographing even the little bees that stop by to kiss the flowers, hearing聽 the birds singing their melodies that I don’t understand but sounds pleasant and tranquil to my ears. All are precious moments to me. Sometimes when I’m photographing I scare a bit when a rabbit jumps up next to me. But then I see them playing with each other and quickly hide between the bushes when they hear someone approaching.

Also this post is in honor of Mother’s Day, in between I selected a few of my photos to dedicate to all the mothers out there. Wishing each mother in the world an amazing and a magical Mother’s Day! We have to cherish our mommy everyday with respect and love because everyday is Mother’s Day to me.

Enchanting Hawaii

Enchanting Hawaii

Aloha, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and that June is beautiful for you.

I was going through my photos folder, and I noticed so many cool moments that I was happy to capture during my 2 week vacation last year in Hawaii.

Photographs taken from my trip to Hawaii to share from my point of view endless beauty.

Waikki Beach - 2014 Sunset photo 1 by Rh么nya Holman for
Locals and tourists happily swimming under the breathtaking sunset of Waikiki beach.
Hawaii - 2014 photo 2 by Rh么nya Holman for
A glimpse of Hawaii’s many traits, its volcanic ruggedness against the pristine blue of the unending sea. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the warm and wet coolness together …
Peacefu Place Hawaii - 2014 photo 3 by Rh么nya Holman for
Tall gorgeous palm trees dancing to the sound of the wind.
Helemano Plantation - 2014 photo 4 by Rh么nya Holman for
I like the artwork around the Helemano Plantation. They have so many cute settings to pose behind, esp. for kids. Also they have an excellent work program for the developmentally disabled. A great community overall that you can feel good for supporting, and have a blast while you’re at it.
Worker at Dole Plantation - 2014 photo 5 by Rh么nya Holman for
This worker from the Helemano Plantation happily let me snap this shot.
Snaps Around Dole Plantation - 2014 photo 6 by Rh么nya Holman for
It’s a quiet afternoon at the Dole Plantation.
Pineapple - 2014 photo 7 by Rh么nya Holman for
Pineapple in bloom, definitely if you are on Oahu, you have to visit the Dole Plantation to learn more about the many varieties of pineapples.
Papaya Tree - 2014 photo 8 by Rh么nya Holman for
Papaya trees are all over the island.
Amazing old tree - 2014 photo 9 by Rh么nya Holman for
Even trees express themselves in shape and posture if left alone.
photo 11 by Rh么nya Holman for
The Allamanda flower is a sturdy vine with firm and shiny leaves. Allamanda blooms continuously and can grow to a height of 50 feet (15m). However, it needs a fence or trellis for support, as well as well-watered soil.
Anthurium Flower close up - photo 12 by Rh么nya Holman for
Anthurium flower close up, also called Tail Flower, Flamingo Flower and Laceleaf. It can be seen all over the island in different colors as well.
Hawaii Sky 2015 - photo13 by Rh么nya Holman for
A half rainbow … it’s been decades since I saw a rainbow, so when I snap this shot I couldn’t believe.


Mahalo Hawaii!!!

Barona Resort and Casino

Barona Resort and Casino

WOW! We are already in the middle of the month 鈥斅爐ime couldn’t go any faster. As you already know from last post, I hosted聽my Bella Bohemian庐 Boutique at聽the Encinitas Spring Street Faire here in the beautiful San Diego County. We had a great two day event with so many people stopping by at our tent and so much fun!聽The聽paper tissue flowers I made to embellish the outside and the interior of tent was one of many attractions.

Since we were so tired and in much need of rest, the following weekend we heading to the Barona Resort & Casino, located in the聽lovely Barona Valley, in Lakeside, CA. It’s considered one of the best Indian reservation casinos in San Diego. What a great place for a mini vacation and light entertainment, perfect to play golf, go to the spa, or smell the rose garden, there’s聽delicious food, super clean rooms, and a well trained staff in all areas of the hotel.

Barona Resort Day Spa is absolutely wonderful.聽After we had our massage the host guided us to the balcony and to聽my surprise, there were cool chocolate strawberries waiting for us.聽Even the table was covered with white table cloth.聽It doesn’t get any better than that …

If you have a San Diego trip or are planning one in the near future, I recommended you visit this place… Below you can see I really enjoyed walking around the hotel grounds, and taking endless pictures.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

Barona golf course 1- 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

Sun Kissing Red Rose 2 - 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

Not a gambler – but I like the drive and they have a beautiful lake behind the hotel you can feed the ducks, take long walks around the hotel or just relax in one of the many wood chairs around the lake.

Barona ducks in the garden 3 - 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

Barona Hotel 4 - 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

Barona Hotel boutique entrance 6 - 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

They take a really good care of the the rose garden, it’s just beautiful.

Rose Garden Barona Hotel 7 - 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

Barona Hotel entrance of the golf course 8 - 2015 photo by Rh么nya Holman for

The surrounding area is in a green valley, so refreshing for golfing, with all the cool breezes and ponds to make things interesting …

Ducks areound the lake 13 - 2015 photoby Rh么nya Holman for

Lake & Golf Course - Barona Hotel 14 2015 - photo by Rh么nya Holman for

  • We ate聽at the Sage Restaurant, portions were very generous, delicious and reasonably priced.
  • Be aware though that no alcohol is sold/served in the restaurants and the casino, though there is a bar on the bottom floor of the hotel.
  • If you’re a non-smoker I recommended you bring a mask, especially if you are going to play in the casino.