Bella Bohemian at Encinitas Spring Street Faire

Bella Bohemian at Encinitas Spring Street Faire

Oooh la la! Hope you all are having an amazing week…

I’m so excited to let you know that Bella Bohemian is heading this weekend to the Encinitas Street Faire, showing our collections of handmade jewelry, home goods and stationary. We’ll offer a few on sale products, are rare occasion given that we’re celebrating our anniversary with you. Plus lots of gift bags to give away. So come visit if you are in the San Diego area, and meet me in person at our booth and say hello.

Come early, the good stuff goes quickly!

Enjoy your week and more news to come soon.

Bellow are few snaps from this past week, I’ve been working for while on a batch of large size paper flowers that will be hanging inside the both this weekend. Also I created a giant garland of paper flowers to embellish the entrance of the canopy like a arc, that I couldn’t photograph quite yet. I handmade all the goodies that come inside of the gift bags, and all the paper shopping bags are shabby inspired, decorated with lace, and handmade fabric flowers too.

I’m so happy how things turned out so beautifully and colorfully.

Paper Flowers 01 2015 - photo by Rhônya Holman for bellabohemian-com

Behind these paper flower I used real leaves which were dried and painted with grass green,  non-toxic acrylic paint and moss hanging from a fishing line.

Paper Flowers back 02 2015 - photo by Rhônya Holman for bellabohemian-com

Paper Flowers 03 2015 - photo by Rhônya Holman for bellabohemian-com

Peach Paper Flower 04 2015 - photo by Rhônya Holman for bellabohemian-com

The center of these paper flower are embellished with real dried flowers.

Paper Flowers close up 05 2015 - photo by Rhônya Holman for bellabohemian-com

April and Easter

April and Easter

Easter and Spring always bring me beautiful memories. It’s this time of the year which I like the most, when the flowers are beginning to blossom and their scent fills the air, intoxicating us. I enjoy watching the every year the surprising choreography of nature’s colors exploding into a full bloom, transforming from a little bud to lush vibrant shapes like a rainbow in the sky. These are accentuated by the dazzling beams of the sun, dancing rhythmically in the Spring breeze, fully alive! It is as though the fickle flurries and whirls blow delicate music through the fields of rainbows, melodies to which birds and butterflies joyfully enter in celebration of that which is life’s ultimate experience …

Houses and gardens are embellished with Easter decorations while from the kitchen oven come divine smells of delicious foods being prepared. Families are happy to spend time together eating, laughing, everyone starts to tell stories. Loving each other around the Easter dinner table, fun games usually are played after the dessert, keeping the festive atmosphere, embracing sweet little moments experienced during this time, grateful …

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, dearest friends!



Bougainvillea Glabra Vines - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for

Garden Bunnies - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

It’s March and I can’t believe those cold winter days are still here in San Diego. We had been receiving lots of days with rain and wind. The mornings are passing by too fast and the evenings are getting longer, and after the rain we noticed a dramatic transformation to beautiful clear blue skies. The ocean is cold uniting with a fresh breeze, sunshine quietly reflects in crystal blue waters, strong sounds of the waves break into cascades of water competing with those enthusiastically surfing the swells as they try to stand-up. Then walk barefooted in the sand feeling the waves washing up your feet watching palm trees dancing playfully and gently with the winds.

I know it’s not Spring yet but I’m celebrating the first signs of Spring with these photos, a  reminder that it’s not too far away.

May a cool breeze and the warmth of the sun refresh your week!

Squirrel on the tree 2015 - photo 2 by Rhônya Holman for

Lavender Fields 2015 - photo 3 by Rhônya Holman for

In the garden 2015 - photo 4 by Rhônya Holman for

Love Nature - 2015 photo 5 by Rhônya Holman for

Waiting for Spring 2015 - photo 6 by Rhônya Holman for

California dream 2015 - photo 7 by Rhônya Holman for

Oh Oahu

Oh Oahu

Hi to all! Feels like forever since my last post on the the New Year. The festivities are officially over and I’m slowly returning blogging again. I caught a very bad cold and cough and spend more than three weeks inside the house in a quarantine mood, between bed and couch, so weak that was impossible to do anything. The cough was the worst part and took a lot of energy out of me and hurt the stomach and throat.

I’m feeling so much better now and have my strength back, working almost full time with new projects and in process of updating the new Bella Bohemian Boutique since this year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Stay tuned in the meantime don’t forget to stop by for your Valentine’s Day gifts  😉

Last year we had a wonderful trip to Hawaii where I wrote a few posts about Maui (Part 1, Part 2) our first stop. Since I hadn’t had the time to continue to write my adventures, today I’ll start the first post of the year to continue the story in photos and words of this beautiful island.

Waikiki Sky -1 photo by Rhônya Holman for

After Maui we were very pleased to be in Ohau. Though to my surprise the island was very busy with a lot of tourists from everywhere especially Asians. We went around the end of September to the middle of October, thinking there would be less people … Also the weather was temperamental from one Island to the other. One side was a pretty with blue skies, the other side was hot and humid without any wind. (This time we stayed in Kailua)

Soon we left Kailua and drove to visit Waikiki where we had (what was to us ) this unusual experience as we hit a strong rain storm that shook the Jeep, it was unlike anything else I’ve ever seen before and with thunder too.

Father & son fishing together - 2 photo by Rhônya Holman for
I adore this photo of father and son fishing together. I had to stop by and take it. I took a few shots but this one was the closest I could get. I didn’t want to disturb or even intrude on their moment.
Waikki beach - 3 photo by Rhônya Holman for
Beautiful day in the blue water on Waikiki beach.
Waikki - 4 model Naomi photo by Rhônya Holman for
I saw this lovely lady modeling/photographed for a wedding bridal boutique on the streets of Waikiki. And she graciously let me take this photo. Thank you Naomi!!
Dole Plantation - 5 photo by Rhônya Holman for
Dole Pineapple Plantation.
Lovely statue - 6 photo by Rhônya Holman for
I’m fascinated by the beauty of this statue.
Red-crested Cardinal - 8 photo by Rhônya Holman for
It wasn’t easy to take this photo, took me a lot of patience and waiting for a while — Red-crested Cardinal.


Hello 2015

Hello 2015

Hello dear friends and readers!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, with your families and friends, and are ready for a new beginning.

May 2015 will be a year of peace and calm around the world. Hope that the new year brings to each of us more kindness in our hearts, the magic of the smile spread like a good seed that flourishes in our gardens and decorates our homes. Open your arms to those that really need your love and affection comforting them with your warmth and kind words.

Don’t rush to do anything, instead, make time to talk with your neighbors or family members asking how they are doing. Spending time with others may be the last time that this person feels loved.

Find a non-profit organization to volunteer with. There are so many to pick from and you’ll find out how rewarding it is to make a contribution to society when you use your time or skills in a constructive way. Less television more books, less sitting around more walking outside and spending time with Nature, more veggies and less meat.

Sweetness of life is chocolate and ice-cream but with moderation …

Protect children and animals and think more about our environment because it’s our only planet. If we continue to destroy it for profit, nothing will be left.

Like Harrison Ford once said: Nature doesn’t need us we need nature.


These are some of the things I’m looking forward to this year? Will you join me?

All the Best to a new You this year! What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

2015 quote for

Marvelous Maui — Part 2

Marvelous Maui — Part 2

Hello, lovelies!

Welcome to brand new week. Hope you all are doing amazing …

Today I’m closing the Maui trip with few more photos from around the Island. I really enjoyed this place, from the peaceful warm beaches, surrounded by various shapes of trees, the amazing food and the beauty of the tropics. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.



Being Grafetful Maui 2 -photo by Rhônya Holman for

Maui Flower 6 - photo by Rhônya Holman for

Maui Overview 7 - photo by Rhônya Holman for

Here is a little list of delicious restaurants to try:

Nuka: Authentic Japanese food

Ulupalakua Ranch: The Best Burgers in the island

Paia Fish Market: One of the MUST VISIT food spots in Maui, so worth the wait trust me

Makawao Steak House: Spectacular food and incredible service

StopWatch: They have one of the best fresh Hawaiian beers on tap, tasty sandwiches and great service

Marvelous Maui

Marvelous Maui

Greetings! (◠‿◠) 

One of the most precious words in the Hawaiian language is ‘aina, meaning the land. A truly unique island with many hidden jewels, raw beauty, cool air and is extraordinarily inspiring in so many ways. You just need to be open to see and let your body feel the joy of this magic island, definitely another world. I’m just hoping the development in the island stops sometime as I’m wondering how much growth and progress we need in our lives before we start considering the preservation of our natural environment, appreciate what’s there and behave responsibly by e.g. recycling more….

Exploring Maui is like an exciting adventure and a taste of Paradise: In this post you will see photos from the Twin Falls, ocean view from the Marriott Hotel, Lahaina Harbor, the exotic Protea Flower, a tunnel of trees on the Road to Hāna and a few more shots from around the island. It’s so worth the drive and to be able to discover amazing places on the way.

Have a beautiful weekend and MAHALO!

.. don’t forget to greet people with the Hawaiian shaka!

Twin Falls - Maui photo 1 by Rhônya Holman for

Bird of Maui photo 3 - by Rhônya Holman for

Maui ocean view from the Marriott Hotel photo 4 by Rhônya Holman for

Statue from the lavender farm - Maui photo 5 by Rhônya Holman for

Lahaina Harbor - Maui photo 6 by Rhônya Holman for

Protea Flower Maui photo 7 by Rhônya Holman for

Lavender Fields - Maui photo 9 by Rhônya Holman for

Road to Hãna Maui - photo 8 by Rhônya Holman for

Back from Hawaii

Back from Hawaii

Aloha to all!

I’m back from an amazing trip to Hawaii. It’s my second time there but my first in Maui. What a great experience it was, full of adventure. We got up every morning around 7:00 AM to the sound of the roosters and many other birds which were singing like at a competition. We ate breakfast at our lovely Bed & Breakfast which was a historical site that had been around since at least 1924 in the town of Makawao.

In this post you will see the other side of Maui though my eyes and camera. We were surrounded by stunning farms, a winery, gorgeous lavender fields, beautiful rolling pastorall hills with happy cows laying or moving about amidst lush vegetation, mixed together with lovely birds all in perfect harmony like a big happy family. That’s what Nature is all about when you leave it alone and just let it be.

The views were breathtaking with pure fresh breezes going though our noses and giving our souls the sensation of truly being at peace.

Towns such as Paia, Makawao and of course Lahaina had a great selection of charming shops, galleries, artist studios, cafes, restaurants and friendly people. At the same time there was plenty of chance to also get away from it all to just take in and appreciate all the natural beauty and wonder of this place.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Big Hugs!

Maui 2 - photo by Rhônya Holman for

Maui 3 - photo by Rhônya Holman for

Love Birds - Maui 4 photo by Rhônya Holman for Maui 5 - photo by Rhônya Holman for

Maui 6 - photo by Rhônya Holman for

Maui - Lavender Fields 7 photo by Rhônya Holman for