Have a Fantastic New Year

Have a Fantastic New Year

Hi dear readers, hope you enjoyed the holiday break with friends and loved ones where ever you are, be it in the tropics or in snowy places.

Hope you are rested and ready to a fresh start?! I think 2017 is going to be an amazing and interesting year! May it be a year of peace and understanding among humanity. That way we can stop being too sensitive and instead, work and progress together for a better future.

How can one help others without first looking inside, establish inner peace and clarity, long before attempting to change the world at large!? Oddly, so many people quote ‘be the change‘, yet their actions point more towards rash outer anxiety and even aggression as opposed to actual quiet, inner work over time. If benevolent change is sought, responsibility starts within and from there, love, maturity and wisdom radiate outward. That’s the only way productive change can happen. This may sound like I’m preaching, however, it is the truth, with hope of inspiring a few …

So let’s speak up for what we believe for sure, but do a little research first on the subject, so we don’t look like a fool. Don’t anticipate, judge or classify anyone for what may happening. First, give a person a chance, inspire and be inspired; share kindness with strength, forgiveness and gratitude and your dreams will come true.

Wishing you all the Best for the New Year — let’s make the most of it!!!


Hello 2015

Hello 2015

Hello dear friends and readers!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, with your families and friends, and are ready for a new beginning.

May 2015 will be a year of peace and calm around the world. Hope that the new year brings to each of us more kindness in our hearts, the magic of the smile spread like a good seed that flourishes in our gardens and decorates our homes. Open your arms to those that really need your love and affection comforting them with your warmth and kind words.

Don’t rush to do anything, instead, make time to talk with your neighbors or family members asking how they are doing. Spending time with others may be the last time that this person feels loved.

Find a non-profit organization to volunteer with. There are so many to pick from and you’ll find out how rewarding it is to make a contribution to society when you use your time or skills in a constructive way. Less television more books, less sitting around more walking outside and spending time with Nature, more veggies and less meat.

Sweetness of life is chocolate and ice-cream but with moderation …

Protect children and animals and think more about our environment because it’s our only planet. If we continue to destroy it for profit, nothing will be left.

Like Harrison Ford once said: Nature doesn’t need us we need nature.


These are some of the things I’m looking forward to this year? Will you join me?

All the Best to a new You this year! What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

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Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!! To my dear friends far and near. I hope you had a lovely holiday. I’ve missed you and so excited to share this coming year together. I believe that 2013 will be a really AWESOME year.

Each of us has their own wishes and goals to be achieved this year. I’ve been thinking about how and where I want to focus my time and energy. Since I’ve never been good in making a list of resolutions because every year is different and we can’t predict the things that can happen.

What I can do is to continue living a more minimalist and meaningful life, find a better balance between work and recreation, let my mind be free to learn and grown without involving it in too much thinking or polluting my mind with things that are outside of my control. Else if you let it, these can stop one’s progress in life. I realized when we do that, our body and soul are so much lighter after all and it feels so good to be this way. When you just let things be, it seems like an invisible force is protecting you and your path is wide open, and you just need to follow and believe in the force of your dreams. It is a good time to take more risks in 2013.

And one more thing I wish more than anything else, is that more good people come out of their cocoons, their safety zones. Stop giving so much importance to trivia or idolize people. Help each other without expecting return favors. Act in kindness from the heart. Respond to emails, respond to comments supporting your blog friends, especially those who just started. Make contact with someone that you haven’t seen in a very long time to say Hi or ask how they’re doing to say I was just thinking about you. Wave to your neighbor with a smile. Before all the fancy technology & social networking, people used to write pages of long beautiful letters to the loved ones. Mail used to travel weeks even months until it reached its final destination. Do you know why one would expend all this effort? Because people from that time used to CARE so as to spend quality time! So let’s care a little more today and make time for our friends, family and loved ones …

You will be surprised how you can make someone happier or maybe even create a small miracle with simple gestures like that. The human spirit, once awoken, is capable of so much beauty, creativity and good if only the heart is open. The miracle that it hence set free in the present moment will be its own reward.

So again have a wonderful New Year and enjoy every moment of your life because it is precious.

THANK YOU so much for being here and posting your lovely comments. Hearing from you makes me happy… I’m ready to make this an amazing year and you’re all included.

Love always! 

Have a Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year


Hiiiii! Dear friends and Welcome to 2012… I’m finally back here after a very long time. I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year… I didn’t mean to disappear, it’s just been such a busy 2011, a crazy year full of changes and unexpected surprises. In-between moving to a new place, working on new collections, guiding my web developer in the redesign on my new website in hopes of it going live on time for the holiday season. (with sadness I didn’t make it this past year for the holidays. I’m a perfectionist and very picky about certain things which to me need to be very well made: with inspiration and creativity. I prefer to postpone something than be unhappy later.)

So I’ve been choosing my goals for 2012 and I’m really looking forward to a calm and relaxing New Year filled with happiness, prosperity, health, peace, harmony, success, faith and flowers, generosity, hope, more sunshine and more smiles too. Let’s not just toast the New Year with champagne but being grateful for every blessing and achievement in our lives. Love and respect each human being without any judgment, take the time to smell the perfume of the flowers and look up at the stars, so many happy moments can shine in your souls — like the sun — and our dreams will come true. You have just to believe.

Thank you for all your support, friendship and generosity in your comments. It’s really my first time blogging this past year and has blossomed into an amazing experience as I am honored to be part of this blogging community. It truly means a lot to me and your kind words make me happy.

So cheers to a wonderful New Year for all of us !!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Celebrating the holidays and Bella Bohemian’s 5th Anniversary as I went back, rummaging through my boxes and found an enormous variety of stones, metals and beads, and other materials which I’ve been collecting since the beginning of Bella Bohemian. I transformed these assortments into one-of-a-kind jewelry. The Bossa Nova collection is a line that mixes simple and elegant pieces, while the bold Bella Bohemian style is a joy to wear in all seasons… “Whether you’re on the beach in Malibu or the Hamptons or on the streets of New York City, there are no boundaries.”

Vive la bohèmien touch!

You’ll discover several great finds for far less than you’d think, with intricate unusual beadwork. These collections are fun, colorful and cheerful, aiming to reflect all the passion in everything that we do. Inspiration is everywhere, each piece is simply the jewelry you must have as it adds the WOW touch of glamour to any occasion. It’s for women who love to take fashion into the everyday life to have more fun.

You will never go unnoticed!

Welcome to Bella Bohemian by Rhônya Holman please check out the official website:  www.bellabohemian.com.

Enjoy Bohemians!