Movie Review of the Week — The Tooth Fairy

Welcome to the first edition of my new feature: Movie Reviews!

Every week I’m going to share some photos and recommend a movie that I consider inspirational and interesting. And what better way to start with one of my favorite theme Fairy Tales stories: The Tooth Fairy.

I watched this movie and to be honest I actually quite liked it. It made me laugh and made me feel good, but to truly understand this movie you have to transport yourself to the fantasy world where everything is possible. If you want to see a movie that has comedy and is inspirational at the same time clean for kids to watch (because today it’s rare to those children who believe in tooth fairy’s) then this one should be part of your collection. Please never judge a book by its cover, it’s the essence that is important. Enjoy this charming, sweet message, it’s all about the importance of following our dreams that carries us!


A scene from "The Tooth Fairy."

Dwayne Johnson as Derek in "Tooth Fairy."
Distributor: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Release Date: 2010-01-22

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Julie Andrews, Ashley Judd, Brandon T. Jackson, Billy Crystal, Stephen Merchant
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Produced by Jason Blum, Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray
Written by Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Randi Mayem Singer

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