Oh, hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I’m Rhônya and this is my blog, a cozy little place for anyone to stop by. I created it so we might share in the things we love about life.

My passion includes blogging, photography, photo editing, styling, crafts, cooking, baking, music, traveling, films, fashion, dance, foreign languages, theatre, art, books, fast cars, children and Kabuki theatre.

I’m also an entrepreneur and I love what I do, and I tend to be restless and curious. I always want to try new ideas, which may explain the variety of projects I’m involved in. It really is a pleasure to see my ideas blossom into more than I ever imagined, and finally to bring my creations to my clients’ lives such as seeing some lovely ladies wearing the jewelry that I hand made, each one with love and care. All the products on the website are made with quality and environmental considerations. Please, after you finish reading here, visit my website, where I’m hoping that you too will fall in love with Bella Bohemian.

As far as places, I’ve enjoyed New York, California, New Orleans, Italy, Brazil, France and Japan. I’m someone who likes to smile, see pretty things, enjoy a glass of wine, love a world of many colors, am an optimistic person and comfortable in who I am: a believer in better days that will always come.

Your comments are always welcome as long as they are kind …