Bella Bohemian featured in the Jewelry Affaire Magazine

Bella Bohemian featured in the Jewelry Affaire Magazine

Hello lovely people! It’s been awhile…

Something I’ve realized recently is that I have to celebrate everything, absolutely everything, with the love of my life, friends, family, even the whole world, because my joy overflows from within. Packed with lots of happiness in my heart, I’m sharing a secret that I’ve been keeping for six months. I’m currently featured in the new Summer 2017 issue of Jewelry Affaire Magazine – a popular artisan magazine in the USA. On pages 8-9 I’m showing how to make one of my Bohemian necklaces. It’s something exciting to me since I really enjoy making things with my hands and don’t mind in explaining and sharing ideas or passing information along with those who are interested in learning new things in life.

I’m grateful and thankful for the opportunity of being published. It’s very important to see my work being recognized for the first time in a magazine, and for that I’m thrilled and very happy.

For those who know me for a very long time, know of my beginning, and to finally experience an acknowledgement of my hard work and growth feels incredible! To me, these are moments to celebrate with those closest to me, and that makes the experience even more amazing. There’re no words to express how it feels inside. It’s something completely new to me. I have this subtle feeling inside of me telling me this is just the beginning of many more exciting moments to come.

Much love to all!!! 馃挄聽馃帀聽馃挮


A BIG thank you to the editor Kelly Kirchner and the entire team @stampington.

New At Bella Bohemian

New At Bella Bohemian

Bonjour Mes Belles,

I’m so HAPPY to introduce the new Bella Bohemian jewelry collection. I’ve been working non-stop for a while to put this line together. Twenty handmade necklaces, each one unique in its own way, with gorgeous detailing. With my jewelry you won’t look like anybody else.

Beautiful from beginning to the end, light weight, comfortable, unique. All Bohemian jewelry comes with a dainty, oval, oxidized copper tag, engraved with our exclusive brand name. I loved handcrafting each piece聽and even more how聽the whole collection turned out. Hope you enjoy wearing it and just wait for the curious questions and聽compliments from your friends …

We鈥檒l use a nice jewelry box to ship your order, and a gift goodie bag is聽included as well.

Have fun shopping!!!


BB1-4_Down-to Earth Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB2-1_Bohemian Luxe Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB3-3_Shabby Gypsy Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB4-2_Free Spirited Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB5-2_Bohemian Red Flower Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB6-2_Bella Rustic Ivory Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB7-3_Hippie Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB8-2_Malibu Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB9-3_Cascade Turquoise and Pearl Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB10-1_Boho Beauty Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB11-1_Turquoise Skull Copper Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB12-4_Happy Buddha Metal Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB14-2_Red Coral Statement Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB15-1_Ocean Blue Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB16-3_Eco Bohemian Girl Long Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB17-3_Kisses from the Sea Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB18-1_Bohemian Skull Long Chain Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

BB19-1_Sabrina Long Ball Chain Necklace 2015 - bellabohemian-com copy

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Celebrating the holidays and Bella Bohemian’s 5th Anniversary as I went back, rummaging through my boxes and found an enormous variety of stones, metals and beads, and other materials which I鈥檝e been collecting since the beginning of Bella Bohemian. I transformed these assortments into one-of-a-kind jewelry. The Bossa Nova collection is a line that mixes simple and elegant pieces, while the bold Bella Bohemian style is a joy to wear in all seasons… 鈥淲hether you鈥檙e on the beach in Malibu or the Hamptons or on the streets of New York City, there are no boundaries.鈥

Vive la boh猫mien touch!

You鈥檒l discover several great finds for far less than you鈥檇 think, with intricate unusual beadwork. These collections are fun, colorful and cheerful, aiming to reflect all the passion in everything that we do. Inspiration is everywhere, each piece is simply the jewelry you must have as it adds the WOW touch of glamour to any occasion. It’s for women who love to take fashion into the everyday life to have more fun.

You will never go unnoticed!

Welcome to Bella Bohemian by Rh么nya Holman please check out the official

Enjoy Bohemians!

Celebrate with Me

Celebrate with Me

Celebrating 5 Years of Bella Bohemian鈩⒙燽y Rh么nya Holman

The Spring-Summer 2010 collections this year have a special meaning to me as a designer and creative person. It’s a celebration to prove that all our dreams can be possible with determination hard work and especially patience.

It’s when we learned to count and believe in yourself and nobody else no matter how hard and difficult things can be sometimes. In the meantime you realized that you can work and do anything at any age, and that鈥檚 exciting. Remember that the only thing blocking your achievement is self-doubt. Trust your gut, follow your instincts about where your true talents lie and reach for it, take risks with wisdom and new paths will open up when you make a real investment in yourself…

After this process you focus and analyze on new projects that are coming your way, communicate with others freely and confidently, and take one step at a time. When you let new inspirations聽flow聽intuitively and freely, such a wonderful unique way allows abundant ideas to turn in a total blessing for you. The dream can create our future.
Bella Bohemian is here to share beautiful things and cheers women across the globe. It鈥檚 time for a fresh start because every piece has feeling in it. From the elegant romantic set of the Bossa Nova collections to the fabulous extravagant bold long Bella Bohemian necklaces. The collections are colorful and perfect for brightening up the summer, each piece is gracefully hand made and is one-of-a-kind, it鈥檚 like wearing something new all the time.

I want to take the time to say a big huge THANK YOU to all of you for your support, especially to the close friends who were with me since the beginning of Bella Bohemian.

I鈥檓 deeply honored, grateful and extremely excited in including you all in this special moment and to welcome you all in joining me in this amazing journey, including those clients who placed their first orders at my place or my trunk shows. I am very grateful for the encouraging words that cheered me on to continue with this dream. For me, hard work led to opportunities and luck also followed me during these years – 聽it was meant to be… It’s such a wonderful feeling that I know will never go away!

Your enthusiasm and generosity is good for my soul as an artist and person. It means so much: THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart!!! 聽And for those future clients that will coming, I would love to hear from you all as well.

Love and Peace… What else is there?

Back to the Big Apple

Back to the Big Apple

The day I arrived in New York eight years ago, I was captivated by the tall buildings, bright lights and bustling streets. Everything was new and exciting and crazy — like love at first sight. Before coming to NYC, I had no idea what it was like to be in a city where people waited underground in the subway, all dressed up, rushing to get to work. The sense of energy was awesome!

I loved the excitement of every aspect of life in Manhattan – the sense of adventure was unlike anything I had known. Armed with a single Metrocard I could travel throughout the five boroughs and see all kinds of interesting people and places. New Yorkers have a reputation as being tough and rude but in reality they are down-to-earth, friendly people. This city really lives 24 hours per day. You can have a late dinner, enjoy a stiff drink after midnight, travel home in the wee hours of the morning 鈥 and still people are out having fun.

I love dining out at trendy restaurants, walking around Times Square, shopping at famous stores and hanging out at Central Park. New Yorkers are so friendly. After 9/11, the people here came together like a big family. That tragic event didn’t blow out the lights of this cozy city. On the contrary it reminded people of their mortality and if anything was an incentive for them to spend more time with their families and friends.

After living in NY for many years, a personal matter required me to pack my bags and move to Denver. Damn! I almost cried I was so disappointed. But I had to do what I had to do, and I left the Big Apple. Of course Denver has some nice people but it sure ain’t New York! I missed the bright lights, the energy of life back in the Big Apple. I missed my friends.

Then one day my friend in NY told me great news: she had a job opportunity for me back in Manhattan! I was so happy. I jumped on the next plane and was back in the city that never sleeps.

New York has been incredibly good to me. I have my second chance now. I’m an astute observer of words and people. When I’m around my New York friends I see a mix of different races, religions, cultures. Everyone is so different from one another yet in many ways, as New Yorkers, we are the same — as citizens of this great city, we share a common experience, a common way of thinking and living. I think it’s wonderful.

It’s a great big melting pot, and I think it is wonderful. I feel blessed by the people I call my angel friends 鈥 good-hearted souls who will do anything for me and for whom I will do whatever I can to help. It feels so good to be loved again.

Follow your instincts, be honest, express your opinion, be curious, dream鈥 but dream big. Believe in yourself and work hard and your dreams shall come true.

There’s a framed letter hanging in Planet Hollywood in New York’s Times Square. Dated January 9, 1970, it was written by Bruce Lee, the martial arts expert. It says: “By 1980 I will be the most well-known martial arts movie star in the US and I will have several tens of millions of dollar.” Lee had a dream for his art and his life, and it came true 鈥 not by chance but through his determination to succeed.

l feel blessed to be in this great country and in this great city. God bless New York City, God bless America! May all your dreams come true.