San Diego in Bloom

San Diego in Bloom

San Diego and the whole California state, to me, is the most beautiful place right now to visit. Warm air, clear and bright blue skies, and a sparkling, calm ocean. Spring is a time for renewing our energies! Wake up early and appreciate every moment and feels its rejuvenating powers. Watch nature unfold, turning into fields of super blooms in so many different hues to enchant our eyes and intoxicate us with its fragrance.

Here are a few photos that show just a bit of the beauty around town. Hope you enjoy the photos as much I did taking them.

Wishing you a lovely Spring …

Pink dreamy flowers sprout forth ...
Pink dreamy flowers sprout forth and turn their faces toward the evergreens and sun near my home.
Beautiful carpet of purple and white flowers.
Beautiful carpet of purple and white flowers from the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.
Carpet of multicolored flowers.
Carpet of multicolored flowers from the gardens around town.
View of La Jolla shore.
Spectacular view looking of La Jolla shore.
One of the little beaches in La Jolla.
La Jolla beach has some small beaches that are great for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Just be mindful of the large rocks in the sand.

Roses in Bloom

Roses in Bloom

Hello, flower friends!!!

So happy to see Spring is finally here. A new season with beautiful fresh flowers blossoming around the city and a brilliant warm sunshine, welcoming us into this special time. For some of us in other places, the bloom will come later.

Wishing you all a lovely Spring!! (◠‿◠) ¸.◦*´`✿✿

These roses are taking their sweet time to grow, standing elegantly tall in long green, prickly branches. Blue skies mixed with white clouds and mild temperatures, soft breezes and the sounds of birds singing around the gardens. Bees and humming birds happily kissing the flowers in celebration.

These delicate buds of roses are sometimes squeezing their way towards the light, in their effort to worship the sun and thrive.

It’s exciting to see the beginning of life slowly appearing through these buds and transforming into a magical blossoms of different sizes, shapes and hues …

The uniqueness and beauty of two-tone roses is the focal point of the garden. Usually no two are alike, as if they are hand painted, each having their the own specific color combinations. The one below is more bright red and white because cooler climates show more white color. They have fewer thorns, while strong stems allow them to grow upright, yet accented with a soft and sweet fragrance.

Vintage Floral Tea Cup and Flat Lays

Vintage Floral Tea Cup and Flat Lays

Hello dear friends! The new month is here and it’s going to be beautiful and I’m thrilled to have such great weather to take more photographs and have fun around town.

These are shots that I took of the beautiful vintage tea cup set that I found at the antique store in Temecula, here in San Diego. It’s a cool little town that I’ve been visiting for two years to find treasures, relax and eat good food.

Since I discovered flat lays, I’ve been kind of obsessed with the whole creative process, anything that can be mixed catches my attention like: flowers, branches, leaves, sea shells, candy, delicious food, fruits, vegetables and the list goes on …

Thought of sharing these soft pastel color photos using the vintage tea cup set as a center piece and peppermint tea, styled on my hand painted wooden board, with petals of pink flowers, evergreen needles, and dark berry branches all around. I kinda liked the way the arrangement and its angle turned out. It’s something I’d like to do more of, though practice makes perfect.


  • Also I was thrilled to be featured on the Instagram of Jessica Colaluca from Design Seeds, category [color sip] she did wonderful work coordinating the color palettes with my photo.

Please also visit her website: Design Seeds

Flat Lays and Bougainvilleas

Flat Lays and Bougainvilleas

Hello friends!

— Welcome February …

You may notice that there are always new projects I get myself into. Hence my posts are a combination of photographs, recipes, baking, growing the little garden, and playing with flat lays, the latter is something new that I’ve enjoying creating and lining things up in between working and developing the Bella Bohemian brand. Crazy long hours and days with a lot of lovely work to do, but I’m happy doing all these things because I love to create something beautiful everyday. The imagination never sleeps.

I’ll post some of these new projects in the coming days, sharing what inspired me last year, telling my stories through pictures about things that I did create but hadn’t had the time to write about. Working from home, sipping a cup of tea, eating homemade food, doing what I’m passionate about, and loving it all …

Thought of sharing the Autumn flat lays with a wintery atmosphere. Also showing off this 1950s oval shaped vintage mirror that I found in the Flea Market in LA and transformed it into a new shabby wooden board, a project that took me two weeks to complete.

I hand painted each side in two different colors, in simple white and pale moon using matte acrylic distressing paint then finished with rough sand paper and coached with clear wax and now I’m styling products on the board and playing with flat lays as well. The photographs most of the time turned out amazing, showing the vintage brown spots in contrast to placed colors and objects.

Cheers to a great month!!! ✌︎♥︎

Had so much fun playing with these little pumpkins and petals of flowers, then gathering them together and having them pose for you …

The white Bougainvilleas beautifully dancing to the sound of the wind on a chilly Sunday.

Wherever you are, wish you happiness and joy in the simple beauties of life.

Hope you like it and can also follow it on Instagram where weekly I usually post a beautiful, inspiring image.

November and Autumn

November and Autumn

Happy November to all …

Slowly we’ve been experiencing quite the whiter blues in San Diego in the past few weeks. The sun shys away sometimes between the clouds, followed a cool freshness that is most welcome after a hot summer.

The sea is cold but you always see surfers venturing into the frigid waters wearing their full wet suits, children still play in the sand building castles and other cool stuff … To my surprise the city is full of tourists oft given away by a myriad of colorful license plates. Traffic is insane sometimes, even in October!

I’m having a wonderful Autumn, lots of work and play, like I mentioned before, experimenting with flat lays lately and learning new ways of styling photos more beautifully, for my home and website.

As I was digging in some boxes in the garage, still there since my move from New York to San Diego four years ago, found an amazing collection of beautiful things and gifts that were given to me decades ago. Gifts that I hadn’t had the opportunity to display or use yet, until now in my photographs.

Below are some photos I took recently with flowers from a local market, leaves, pine  cones, branches and such that I picked up on my walks home, and fruits and vegetables from the farmers market, all combined.

Have a fabulous month!






Spring in Bloom

Spring in Bloom

It’s sunny in San Diego with beautiful crystal blue water and amazing combinations of colors surrounding our homes and gardens. Spring it’s one of my favorites season. I like to watch the little buds transforming into lovely flowers. Enjoy photographing even the little bees that stop by to kiss the flowers, hearing  the birds singing their melodies that I don’t understand but sounds pleasant and tranquil to my ears. All are precious moments to me. Sometimes when I’m photographing I scare a bit when a rabbit jumps up next to me. But then I see them playing with each other and quickly hide between the bushes when they hear someone approaching.

Also this post is in honor of Mother’s Day, in between I selected a few of my photos to dedicate to all the mothers out there. Wishing each mother in the world an amazing and a magical Mother’s Day! We have to cherish our mommy everyday with respect and love because everyday is Mother’s Day to me.

Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida

I thought to share some beautiful moments that I captured: Life is so much better when we appreciate it every little thing in our surroundings and do more of what makes us happy. Being yourself and not following anyone but your heart, saying yes more often than no, worry less and not be afraid of embracing the unknown without judgments and you will see that life is not as hard as we otherwise make it. Because when you live your dreams you’ll definitely smile more, spray yourself with your favorite perfume, not just on that special occasion, but everyday. Every moment is precious and everyone around you deserves a little sniff of beauty in fragrance even if it’s just on a trip to the grocery store …

The path of life is more smooth when you go with the flow and let it be guided by the silence of your soul. It’s when you stop resisting that inner voice, it will tell you which direction to take. There will be no more hardships or difficulties because you are at peace with your body, mind, heart and soul and your perspective changes. There is plenty of happiness for all of us in this life when we appreciate this moment, for in it, you will see clearly and feel deeply that which is precious. It’s with appreciation that we connect spiritually with all life and our world, loving life to the fullest makes it easier for all of us.

Wishing you all a magical week! ♥ ♥ ♥

– Photos by me