The Huntington Library — Part 2

The Huntington Library — Part 2

As I promised, today I’m sharing more photos of The Huntington Library

In my experience, these are the best in the Southern California including: the “Australian Garden”, the “California Garden”, the “Lily Ponds”, the “Palm Garden”, the “Herb Garden”, the “Shakespeare Garden” and the “Subtropical Garden”. You’ll need more than one visit to see everything. There are 12 themed gardens to explore. That’s a lot of walking! If you plan on spending the entire day, a water bottle, some sunscreen, and wear comfortable shoes and light clothes, a wide hat, and sunglasses.

The gift shop is huge with a large collections of gifts for many a taste. The library is incredible and well organized with amazing collections of rare books and manuscripts, even if you’re not allowed to touch. After a while you’ll find yourself hungry. So you’ll be relieved to know that there are a several options to eat seasonal food made from scratch.

Have an amazing week!!

Water Lily Pond.

The Rose Garden.

The Desert Garden.

Water Fountain at Huntington Library.

The Shakespeare Garden.

The Sculpture Garden.

The Jungle Garden.

Giant Bell at the Japanese Garden.

San Diego in Bloom

San Diego in Bloom

San Diego and the whole California state, to me, is the most beautiful place right now to visit. Warm air, clear and bright blue skies, and a sparkling, calm ocean. Spring is a time for renewing our energies! Wake up early and appreciate every moment and feels its rejuvenating powers. Watch nature unfold, turning into fields of super blooms in so many different hues to enchant our eyes and intoxicate us with its fragrance.

Here are a few photos that show just a bit of the beauty around town. Hope you enjoy the photos as much I did taking them.

Wishing you a lovely Spring …

Pink dreamy flowers sprout forth ...
Pink dreamy flowers sprout forth and turn their faces toward the evergreens and sun near my home.
Beautiful carpet of purple and white flowers.
Beautiful carpet of purple and white flowers from the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.
Carpet of multicolored flowers.
Carpet of multicolored flowers from the gardens around town.
View of La Jolla shore.
Spectacular view looking of La Jolla shore.
One of the little beaches in La Jolla.
La Jolla beach has some small beaches that are great for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Just be mindful of the large rocks in the sand.

On the Road

On the Road

Morning Dears,
I hope all is well with you. Today I would like to share a few photos that I took on the road last year. We stopped at Cafe Kevah Nepenthe in Big Sur, California. It’s where the food is deliciously served with an amazing view, the restaurant is cozy and casual and I liked the charming touch of the succulents on every table. Also they have a large rustic wooden patio situated above the clouds overlooking the ocean and mountains; with a lovely outdoor seating area with cool colorful cushion-covered steps, chairs and tables with shades provided to customers. Downstairs is the Phoenix, a great gift shop with a variety of cool goodies, books, wind chimes… Definitely worth a stop if you are in Big Sur.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my travelings/photography and I’m wishing you loads of luck and love. (◠‿◠)


Bella Bluelf photo 2 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 3 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 4 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 5 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 6 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 7 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 8 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 9 by Rhônya Holman

Bella Bluelf photo 10 by Rhônya Holman

– All photos by me




Hello, dear friends! Life sure seems to be taking me away from the computer lately. I’ve been working on some very exciting new projects and will share them when finished. I like to always to have things done before I talk about them. In the meantime, hope you enjoy these photographs that I took recently in Malibu, California.

Have an amazing rest of the week and a relaxing coming weekend!

This lovely dog was running in my direction. I pet him and he continue around me during the shots!

– Photos by me