Beautiful Doorsteps & Windows with Flowers

Here I have the chance to explore one of my passions: photography. I don’t feel confined or sad anymore as I did in California. Now I’m feeling strong and invigorated each day. I am both lucky and grateful that I am able to capture the spirit behind new places in my photos and feel a connection while telling my stories.

Bye Bye California, Hello Virginia

It’s been about eight months now since my husband and I left CA and moved to Fairfax, VA. We love it here where it’s beautifully lush, green and we have the changing of the seasons, finally! How I missed the cold weather – wearing cashmere sweaters, beanies, all cozy winter clothes. Now we drink hot chocolate at the end of the night and watch a movie or sit by the fireplace smelling the wooden and listening to the crackling of its romantic flames, its magical illumination as it brightens up the living room. That’s life for me, even better with our love.