June and New Blog Layout

June and New Blog Layout

Hello lovely people and Happy June!!!

It’s been on my mind for a while to resuscitate this blog and make things easier and organized so you could find the posts whithout much effort. I put in long hours to fix this blog also adding tags in every post to make sure things are working properly and smoothly. I deleted some older posts that I didn’t like or I guess should be less representative of what I want to write about today.

The best URL to use is https://bella.bluelf.me, especially if you’re going to log in to post replies.

There are new Social Media icons displayed in the right side of this blog, easily visible to share the posts you like. Sadly with the above http to https change, I lost all the numbers representing liked and shared posts. For now I’m starting with zero, so please start sharing again and point to (copy/paste) the URL with https:// specifically …

If you have any questions or suggestions about the new blog or blogging in general, feel free to let me know … After all I’m here because I like to hear from you.

Not too long ago we went kayaking across the Mission Bay Channel to Mission Bay here in San Diego. Something completely new to me. The weather was perfectly bright blue skies and a cool breeze blowing in our faces, and splashes of water refreshing our body. It was a lot of fun being out there in the middle of the bay. I saw for the first time an old Mississippi style steam boat full of passengers. I thought this was very cool for an old style boat like this to still be running.

These photos were taken while in the front seat of our kayak. The view is crystal clear because I was so close to many of these old cargo ships, birds and bridges. As a side note, I would not recommend for anyone to kayak in these waters because you share these waters with either powered or large other craft and their captains may not see you. Even if you wear bright safety vests it’s still a bit of a risk.

I really enjoyed being out there in the early morning and the experience of feeling the water, the sun and the smell of salt in the air, is truly amazing.

After we finished kayaking, it was time to find something to eat. Along the way, we came across these lovely pink buttercup blossoms all over the harbor. And the blue sky was a perfect backdrop for a photo.

PS: If you’re planing to visit San Diego here is the Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards to rent.

San Diego in Bloom

San Diego in Bloom

San Diego and the whole California state, to me, is the most beautiful place right now to visit. Warm air, clear and bright blue skies, and a sparkling, calm ocean. Spring is a time for renewing our energies! Wake up early and appreciate every moment and feels its rejuvenating powers. Watch nature unfold, turning into fields of super blooms in so many different hues to enchant our eyes and intoxicate us with its fragrance.

Here are a few photos that show just a bit of the beauty around town. Hope you enjoy the photos as much I did taking them.

Wishing you a lovely Spring …

Pink dreamy flowers sprout forth ...
Pink dreamy flowers sprout forth and turn their faces toward the evergreens and sun near my home.
Beautiful carpet of purple and white flowers.
Beautiful carpet of purple and white flowers from the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.
Carpet of multicolored flowers.
Carpet of multicolored flowers from the gardens around town.
View of La Jolla shore.
Spectacular view looking of La Jolla shore.
One of the little beaches in La Jolla.
La Jolla beach has some small beaches that are great for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Just be mindful of the large rocks in the sand.

November and Autumn

November and Autumn

Happy November to all …

Slowly we’ve been experiencing quite the whiter blues in San Diego in the past few weeks. The sun shys away sometimes between the clouds, followed a cool freshness that is most welcome after a hot summer.

The sea is cold but you always see surfers venturing into the frigid waters wearing their full wet suits, children still play in the sand building castles and other cool stuff … To my surprise the city is full of tourists oft given away by a myriad of colorful license plates. Traffic is insane sometimes, even in October!

I’m having a wonderful Autumn, lots of work and play, like I mentioned before, experimenting with flat lays lately and learning new ways of styling photos more beautifully, for my home and website.

As I was digging in some boxes in the garage, still there since my move from New York to San Diego four years ago, found an amazing collection of beautiful things and gifts that were given to me decades ago. Gifts that I hadn’t had the opportunity to display or use yet, until now in my photographs.

Below are some photos I took recently with flowers from a local market, leaves, pine  cones, branches and such that I picked up on my walks home, and fruits and vegetables from the farmers market, all combined.

Have a fabulous month!






Barona Resort and Casino

Barona Resort and Casino

WOW! We are already in the middle of the month — time couldn’t go any faster. As you already know from last post, I hosted my Bella Bohemian® Boutique at the Encinitas Spring Street Faire here in the beautiful San Diego County. We had a great two day event with so many people stopping by at our tent and so much fun! The paper tissue flowers I made to embellish the outside and the interior of tent was one of many attractions.

Since we were so tired and in much need of rest, the following weekend we heading to the Barona Resort & Casino, located in the lovely Barona Valley, in Lakeside, CA. It’s considered one of the best Indian reservation casinos in San Diego. What a great place for a mini vacation and light entertainment, perfect to play golf, go to the spa, or smell the rose garden, there’s delicious food, super clean rooms, and a well trained staff in all areas of the hotel.

Barona Resort Day Spa is absolutely wonderful. After we had our massage the host guided us to the balcony and to my surprise, there were cool chocolate strawberries waiting for us. Even the table was covered with white table cloth. It doesn’t get any better than that …

If you have a San Diego trip or are planning one in the near future, I recommended you visit this place… Below you can see I really enjoyed walking around the hotel grounds, and taking endless pictures.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

Barona golf course 1- 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Sun Kissing Red Rose 2 - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Not a gambler – but I like the drive and they have a beautiful lake behind the hotel you can feed the ducks, take long walks around the hotel or just relax in one of the many wood chairs around the lake.

Barona ducks in the garden 3 - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Barona Hotel 4 - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Barona Hotel boutique entrance 6 - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

They take a really good care of the the rose garden, it’s just beautiful.

Rose Garden Barona Hotel 7 - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Barona Hotel entrance of the golf course 8 - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

The surrounding area is in a green valley, so refreshing for golfing, with all the cool breezes and ponds to make things interesting …

Ducks areound the lake 13 - 2015 photoby Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Lake & Golf Course - Barona Hotel 14 2015 - photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

  • We ate at the Sage Restaurant, portions were very generous, delicious and reasonably priced.
  • Be aware though that no alcohol is sold/served in the restaurants and the casino, though there is a bar on the bottom floor of the hotel.
  • If you’re a non-smoker I recommended you bring a mask, especially if you are going to play in the casino.

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

It’s March and I can’t believe those cold winter days are still here in San Diego. We had been receiving lots of days with rain and wind. The mornings are passing by too fast and the evenings are getting longer, and after the rain we noticed a dramatic transformation to beautiful clear blue skies. The ocean is cold uniting with a fresh breeze, sunshine quietly reflects in crystal blue waters, strong sounds of the waves break into cascades of water competing with those enthusiastically surfing the swells as they try to stand-up. Then walk barefooted in the sand feeling the waves washing up your feet watching palm trees dancing playfully and gently with the winds.

I know it’s not Spring yet but I’m celebrating the first signs of Spring with these photos, a  reminder that it’s not too far away.

May a cool breeze and the warmth of the sun refresh your week!

Squirrel on the tree 2015 - photo 2 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Lavender Fields 2015 - photo 3 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

In the garden 2015 - photo 4 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Love Nature - 2015 photo 5 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Waiting for Spring 2015 - photo 6 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

California dream 2015 - photo 7 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Garden Beauties

Garden Beauties

Hello to all!

Today I would like to share a few close up snap shots that I took recently. A peek through my lens capturing the tough beauty of these plants. I’m amazed by the enormous varied of succulents and cactus that I see around, embellishing our gardens and houses, plants that are easy to care for, have interesting foliages, shapes and styles on the own.

Hope you enjoy the combination of photos of these beautiful plants, and happy week. ♡♡


photo 2 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Succulent close up photo 3 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

photo 4 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Cactus close up photo 5 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Cactus photo 7 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Succulent photo 6 by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me

Summertime in San Diego

Summertime in San Diego


Here is a little bit of what I’ve been doing recently, discovering new cool things around the city.

It’s with great pleasure that I share these lovely photos visiting various beautiful places in San Diego. Since I’m still relatively new here so everything still enchants me so much. California is an amazing, exciting place you just need to know where to go. Below are a few images to continue our celebration of this summer at Sea World as well as the Maritime Museum of San Diego Harbor, which is a few blocks from the adorable Little Italy. More photos will be featured in the next post.

The gentle, mysterious white beluga whale is one of the park’s most sociable animals. Born dark grey, their signature white color is actually a clever camouflage belugas develop by maturity, allowing them to swim peacefully in the waters of their icy arctic homes.

Nicknamed “sea canaries” by mariners, belugas are often heard before seen thanks to their unmistakable birdlike songs. Instead of dorsal fins, they have a low dorsal ridge that lets them easily swim beneath thick ice sheets and find breathing holes; a pretty cool adaptation essential to life in one of the coldest regions of the globe.

I hope each of you is enjoying the rest of the Summer as I do wherever you are... ❤

San Diego Harbor by Rhônya Holman

also took the photo of this big guy who was sleeping during the whole time.

Polar Bear - Sea World by Rhônya Holman

The Polar Bears are the largest land carnivore, polar bears also happen to be the top predator in the Arctic. Their impressive size (up to 12 feet tall for males) running speed (20 miles per hour), and swimming ability combine to make them one of the fiercest predators around.
Polar bears aren’t truly white; their fur is actually translucent. This allows sunlight to soak through their fur and into their black skin helping them stay warm in chilly temperatures.
Highly dependent on seasonal sea ice for hunting and traveling, global climate change is severely impacting these extraordinary animals. Because of their unstable habitat and food supply, polar bears are considered threatened by the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

San Diego Harbor by Rhônya Holman

The Maritime Museum of San Diego enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in restoring, maintaining and operating historic vessels. The museum has one of the world’s finest collections of historic ships, including the world’s oldest active ship the Star of India.

Surf Boards Sea World - by Rhônya Holman

– All photos by me

Hello Spring

Hello Spring

Hi is anybody there?
First apologies for the lack of posts over the past two months. I’ve been very busy… Working on the development of the new website, creating, making new items to be launched on the online shop and participating in events and street fairs. Many of the items from the site have been sold out, even those pieces that weren’t displayed online. From jewelry to home decor I brought to the shows and is completely gone. Business is growing, even if only by word of mouth. I’m so happy. Detlev added a calendar to the site for those who have an interest in checking out my collections or meet me in person at public events. I will keep you updated with this blog as I add new things.

Photos below are from the The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. I visited there this past Easter Sunday. What a magical place with 50 acres of coastal farmland turned into hillside rainbow painted with vibrants of millions of giant Tecolote Ranunculus bulbs. It’s incredible because it feels like the flowers are telling their own story. So it’s definitely worth a visit. I just didn’t like seeing people trampling on flowers to take pictures. This shows a lack of respect for Nature and those who planted these fields –a lack of ‘connection’.

How is the start of your Spring so far wherever you are?

Flower kisses to all.  

The Flower Fields by Rhônya Holman

The Flower Fields by Rhônya Holman

The Flower Fields by Rhônya Holman

The Flower Fields by Rhônya Holman

– Photos by me