Movie Review of the Week — The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

This film is one of the most beautiful, touching and memorable love stories ever about the life of Queen Victoria and her accession to the throne, and her relationship with Prince Albert, all set in Great Britain during the 1830s.

It’s history full of political intrigue and fascinating details about Queen Victoria, caught in a conflicted and manipulative world, struggling with her mother the Duchess of Kent. She and her unctuous adviser, John Conroy, go so far as to pressure Victoria to sign a letter of regency which, if signed, would postpone the princess’ ascension until age 25 (?) and would give them control over the kingdom. However, the princess was determined not to let anybody control her, determined to take on her responsibility with her 18th birthday.

But the film glows after Victoria gets to know Prince Albert who is handsome, ardent, witty and vulnerable, a little shy, politically progressive and a man with an intellectual philosophy he intends to preserve. (He’s drawn his own designs for housing for the underclass and offers his insights for free: “I would like to be helpful to you,” he submits, quite earnestly). She cheerfully falls in love with him and the romance simply blooms, based in love, respect, partnership and loyalty.

The story is fascinating and strong, the costumes spectacular the scenes are shot in gorgeous locations, the performances are brilliant especially from Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend and a amazing supporting cast.

Absolutely delightful well-worth a second viewing… Making we wish the story could go more further. It’s definitely a five star movie!


  • Emily Blunt as Young Victoria
  • Rupert Friend as Prince Albert
  • Jim Broadbent as King William
  • Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne
  • Miranda Richardson as Duchess of Kent
  • Mark Strong as Sir John Conroy
  • Thomas Kretschmann


Jean-Marc Vallee


Graham King, Martin Scorsese, Tim Headington, Sarah Ferguson


Julian Fellowes


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