April and Easter

Easter and Spring always bring me beautiful memories. It’s this time of the year which I like the most, when the flowers are beginning to blossom and their scent fills the air, intoxicating us. I enjoy watching the every year the surprising choreography of nature’s colors exploding into a full bloom, transforming from a little bud to lush vibrant shapes like a rainbow in the sky. These are accentuated by the dazzling beams of the sun, dancing rhythmically in the Spring breeze, fully alive! It is as though the fickle flurries and whirls blow delicate music through the fields of rainbows, melodies to which birds and butterflies joyfully enter in celebration of that which is life’s ultimate experience …

Houses and gardens are embellished with Easter decorations while from the kitchen oven come divine smells of delicious foods being prepared. Families are happy to spend time together eating, laughing, everyone starts to tell stories. Loving each other around the Easter dinner table, fun games usually are played after the dessert, keeping the festive atmosphere, embracing sweet little moments experienced during this time, grateful …

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, dearest friends!


Bougainvillea Glabra Vines - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me
Garden Bunnies - 2015 photo by Rhônya Holman for bella.bluelf.me


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