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Hello lovely people and Happy June!

It’s been on my mind for a while to resuscitate this blog and make things easier and organized so you could find the posts without much effort. I put in long hours to fix this blog also adding tags in every post to make sure things are working properly and smoothly. I deleted some older posts that I didn’t like or I guess should be less representative of what I want to write about today.

The best URL to use is https://bella.bluelf.me, especially if you’re going to log in to post replies.

There are new Social Media icons displayed in the right side of this blog, easily visible to share the posts you like. Sadly with the above http to https change, I lost all the numbers representing liked and shared posts. For now I’m starting with zero, so please start sharing again and point to (copy/paste) the URL with https:// specifically as listed above.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the new blog or blogging in general, feel free to let me know … After all I’m here because I like to hear from you.

Not too long ago we went kayaking across the Mission Bay Channel to Mission Bay here in San Diego. Something completely new to me. The weather was perfectly bright blue skies and a cool breeze blowing in our faces, and splashes of water refreshing our body. It was a lot of fun being out there in the middle of the bay. I saw for the first time an old Mississippi style steam boat full of passengers. I thought this was very cool for an old style boat like this to still be running.

These photos were taken while in the front seat of our kayak. The view is crystal clear because I was so close to many of these old cargo ships, birds and bridges. As a side note, I would not recommend for anyone to kayak in these waters because you share these waters with either powered or large other craft and their captains may not see you. Even if you wear bright safety vests it’s still a bit of a risk.

I really enjoyed being out there in the early morning and the experience of feeling the water, the sun and the smell of salt in the air, is truly amazing.

After we finished kayaking, it was time to find something to eat. Along the way, we came across these lovely pink buttercup blossoms all over the harbor. And the blue sky was a perfect backdrop for a photo.

PS: If you’re planing to visit San Diego here is the Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards to rent.


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