Viva La Vida

I thought to share some beautiful moments that I captured: Life is so much better when we appreciate it every little thing in our surroundings and do more of what makes us happy. Being yourself and not following anyone but your heart, saying yes more often than no, worry less and not be afraid of embracing the unknown without judgments and you will see that life is not as hard as we otherwise make it. Because when you live your dreams you’ll definitely smile more, spray yourself with your favorite perfume, not just on that special occasion, but everyday. Every moment is precious and everyone around you deserves a little sniff of beauty in fragrance even if it’s just on a trip to the grocery store …

The path of life is more smooth when you go with the flow and let it be guided by the silence of your soul. It’s when you stop resisting that inner voice, it will tell you which direction to take. There will be no more hardships or difficulties because you are at peace with your body, mind, heart and soul and your perspective changes. There is plenty of happiness for all of us in this life when we appreciate this moment, for in it, you will see clearly and feel deeply that which is precious. It’s with appreciation that we connect spiritually with all life and our world, loving life to the fullest makes it easier for all of us.

Wishing you all a magical week! ♥ ♥ ♥

– Photos by me


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  1. Lucent Imagery says:

    I always love your heartfelt words. I feel like we both share the same passion for life. I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a while. We’ve just come home from a month holiday to Europe. I can’t wait to share the images once I’ve sorted them. I think you will love the flowers! Always lovely to see a comment from you my friend. x

  2. Jimmy the undercover designer says:

    Guided by the silence of your soul. I loved this.
    Sometimes you feel it, you know when it happens and it is blissful , you feel you never want to leave that place that your soul is taking you to, but then we loose the moment as usual. These are magical moments.

  3. gayle price says:

    Hi Rhonya, thank you for dropping by my blog and taking the time to leave such a lovely comment for me. Your words, pictures and music are beautiful !! I loved visiting here. I’ll be back. xx

  4. KARIN says:

    WOW this pictures are beautiful and inspiring!! I agree with everything you say,when we think possitive everything gets better in our life.Great post!! =)

  5. anita rivera says:

    Hello there dearest! And thank YOU for coming to visit me. It is always nice to meet new people, and your philosophy on life is just wonderful. What fabulous photos you take!!! Those roses, especially that peach colored one; it seems to have a double center!


  6. Laura Bello says:

    Beautiful and inspiring words! Where do you get all the inspiration? Great shots too, absolutely love the photographs.
    Have a wonderful week!

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