Designer To Watch: Sara Di Salvo

Hi darlings!

It’s with such pleasure that I now feature an update to a previous post: the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection from the Italian designer based in Rome Sara Di Salvo.

As chance would have it, last weekend I received an e-mail from her about the new collection that is breathtakingly inspired by “Warrior Chic”. Each piece is so artistically designed to perfection, beautiful, feminine, elegant and yet comfortable.

I’ve been following her career growing in the past two years since I met her in New York City during one of the fashion shows. We continued to stay in touch since then.

Below are images from her collection, but expect to see much more in the near future and please visit her official web site.

Have a glamorous week

Sara di Salvo 2012 collection (dresses)

PS: All images here are used with permission from the designer.


    1. This collection is incredible and I like the name Warrior Chic, very interesting. It really is inspiring.

    1. Great collection! definitely she is very talented! I will check her website right now.

  1. Wait a moment! Did you say italian designer?! Ok, she alredy got my heart, because I love the italian fashion (- “don’t say that, Cri! The italian name of you blog doesn’t mean it at all!” hahahahahah)! I’ll check her site out!


  2. Thank you very much for the nice comments. I’m glad you all appreciate this collection.
    Definitely she is very talented!!!

  3. Her clothes are creative and very different! I like the models hair too.
    Thanks for introducing us to this designer.
    Have a great weekend!

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