Modern Mixed Media Artworks

mixed media artwork

Mixed media techniques on watercolor paper, using acrylic inks, hand cut collage, stitches and gold flakes.

Here’s a close-up combination of various mediums: watercolor, acrylic, coloring pen, and other scraps of vintage books on watercolor paper.

A new experiment in achieving a particular soft pink: Scarlet Lake and a bit of white watercolor combined together. Hand stamped lettering in carbon black ink, a feather, a dried flower branch and a bird for the final touches on watercolor paper.

In this abstract watercolor paints a close up look. On the carbon black ink I used a coarse salt flakes for texture. It’s an interesting process that takes a while to dry, and then needs to be removed gently with a soft brush.

Hello dear friends,

2020 is here and with that I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, whatever and with whomever you’re celebrating. I’m ready for a beautiful, exciting, happy and productive year ahead.

Thought it was about time to show you what I’ve been up to. Last year I took Summer and Fall art classes at local community college, learning about color, various paints and their textures and pigmentation, gathering techniques and experimenting with all kinds of combinations of mediums while also observing closely the teachers and the other students.

While I have a background in jewelry design, my interests span many more aspects of life. During my life living in the USA, I worked in many fun, glamorous and interesting jobs, as well as some which were not so fulfilling. In the end, what counts for me is the life experience and the wisdom that comes while opening myself to a multitude of endeavors intuitively.

In the past couple of months I created a number of mixed media artworks exploring my own artistic nature, working with acrylic inks, hand cut collages using magazines, watercolor, stitches, coloring pens on watercolor paper and other materials. The process has been full of learning and I’m taking it slowly and enjoying each day even more.

What you see above are are few of the projects I’ve done so far, and I’ll be back soon with more.


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