Papeterie aka Stationery

Bella Bohemian Papeterie

The French word Papeterie means stationery!

Introducing a new line of paper goods and crafts for wrapping gifts that present these in a more creative and elegant way to express your warmth, thoughtfulness and care to the lives of those dear to you and bring your sparkle into their lives.

We help you celebrate the seasons: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and special times in your life by offering our Papeterie kits and packs that contain all you need for beautiful packaging without having to look anywhere else.

Bella Bohemian Papeterie is the place for you to find what you need to make your gift giving memorable, and unique with the perfect gift for that special person.

Our Papeterie kits/packs are versatile and vibrant, individually handmade and combined with other curated cool little accents that I personally selected for each pack to create just the right mixture of elegant, rustic, artistic, shabby, luxe, colorful and bohemian, all of premium quality and gorgeous presentation.

.. pick which theme you like, wrap your special item, and Voilà!

Now just picture the happy face of the one who will be receiving that which you give from your heart.

We’ve curated and created, the rest is up to you … we invite you to come visit our very special Papeterie line, such as one of our Holiday Packs, and be delighted!

In the next post I’ll show a few examples of gift wrapping using our accessories. Stay tuned.


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