Valentines Vibes

Abstract Watercolor Heart

Excited to share my first watercolor paint inspired by Valentine’s Day. I started with a quick light pencil sketch on watercolor paper, then moving on the colors a combination of permanent rose matter and a bit of white.

After it’s dried completely I added a bit of sap green inside the heart. Outside some more splatter paint in: cadmium yellow, rose matter and sap green, using a round brush number 12.

Here’s a close-up look of the abstract watercolor heart, a pretty loose and fun process. It’s a very relaxing way of painting without striving to be perfect.

Also I hand-torn the edges of the watercolor paper after the paint was finished drying. I think looks great as a frame. You may have noticed it in my previous artwork.

Abstract Watercolor for Valentines
Abstract Watercolor in different angle

Shown below, I enjoyed creating these chic gift wraps for Valentine’s Day. Simply splatter a combination of a bit of Scarlet Lake color and white watercolors together, then mix them well with water to achieve a soft pinkish look. Then after some brush splatter on the white wrapping paper, let it dry.

The heart tags are a combination of a variety of pastel theme colors, using a water down process to achieve the soft contrast on watercolor paper. Hearts are then hand cut and embellished with a few gold flakes. The boxes are tied with green twine.

Gift Wrapping ideas for Valentines
Chic Gift Wrapping for Valentines
Gift Wrapping for Valentines using watercolor

Hope you enjoy these Valentines ideas and let’s create something. There’s no right or wrong, only fun!!


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