Seeing where it goes

A combination of collage with acrylic paints

I thought this to be a nice change from my previous art projects. A photo-montage using a ripped magazine photo on watercolor paper and then applying acrylic paints to enhance the layout of the collage. On the girl’s cheek a bit of gold flakes, alternative to rouge; finished with varnish all around to seal this piece.

Collage with acrylic paints close up

In this close-up photo of face collage I noticed that the light reflects differently, given it another effect on the art: very unusual and cool at the same time.

Collage on watercolor paper with acrylic paints

Here’s a ripped magazine photo collage using acrylic and ink paints on watercolor paper then a zigzag paper collage glued on top of the paint with a bit of gold flakes. Hand-torn paper edges always look great. Sealed with varnish.

Collage on watercolor paper with acrylic paints close up
Mixed Media art on recycled cereal box paper

This mixed media project is an experiment on a recycled cereal box. It took me about tree days to complete the whole thing. It wasn’t easy to achieve this kind of texture. I had to add layers of ripped paper scraps, glued in different orientations and sizes for stability since the box wasn’t firm enough. After letting it dry over night, the next day added the magazine photos and gesso, and then combined the acrylic paints that matches the girl and the forest. Some scribbles in different colors using crayons to make the art more mysterious and interesting. Sealed with varnish.

Mixed Media art on recycled cereal box paper close up

What I like about collage and mixed media is the creative process. It’s so satisfying to glue together inspirational images, piece by piece and different forms and then slowly seeing the progress transforming the whole piece into something new and unexpected without planning anything, going with the flow, taking it slow, and savoring the experience.


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