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Mixed Media on recycled cardboard

In this post I’m showing what I did with recycled materials in the creation of this mixed media art set. As I looked around I realized that I have tons of paper scraps of different sizes sourced from magazines and books, including photos of all sizes and shapes and other vintage ephemera.

I cut two cardboard pieces 7¼” × 5 9/16″, then added layers of ripped paper scraps with gel medium in different orientations as a base and applied a bit of gesso with my fingers. After they dried completely I mixed a bit of Aqua Green acrylic paint with gesso to create a smooth paste to apply on a piece of bubble wrap to use to stamp the bubble pattern onto the background of the page. This is to create a soft presence in contrast to the collage’s darker elements.

It’s very important to let these pieces dry completely before continuing. Then I added hand-cut photos and sentiment messages with gel medium. Lastly I highlighted the sentiment messages using crayons then brushed some varnish to seal the pieces.

Mixed Media on recycled cardboard close up

Always think outside the norm when coming up with a new project. Don’t be afraid to experiment, for heaven’s sake don’t shoot for perfection. Instead, push your creativity to the limit with the audacity only your heart knows. Because whatever happens is going to be awesome!

Mixed Media on recycled cardboard close up


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