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Mixed Media art by Rhonya Obst

During these months I stayed at home working on my art, taking online classes in various subjects and otherwise taking it easy. I discovered new artistic ways that I haven’t thought of before in how to express myself without putting too much pressure on myself and just go with the flow. From my perspective there are no failures only life lessons.

Mixed Media Art close up

This mixed media was inspired by Easter – the colors are soft with a twist in the image she wasn’t feeling the spirit of the occasion, but trying to be positive.

In this project I used a recycled cereal box and then added layers of ripped paper scraps with gel medium in different orientations as a base and applied a bit of gesso with my fingers.

After letting it completely dry, I added floral ripped gift wrap paper and a combination of soft acrylic colors inspired by Easter. White lace on the left side, sentiment message, hand punched daisies around the right eye. The green circle was created with acrylic paint hand cut and glued for a little dramatic touch. Finished with varnish to seal the piece.

I took a few detailed photos of this project so you can see how it turned out. Hope you like it.

Mixed Media art details

Hello dear journal friends!

I hope you’ve been well and safe. You may or may not have noticed that I have not posted for a while … this is because of this Covid-19 fiasco. It took me four months to adjust to this situation, it wasn’t easy, as I believe for many of you as well.

This mixed media project was inspired by Easter colors and the uncertainty we’re living in today. As days passed by so fast we have to be strong and adjust ourselves with a new social standard i.e. social distancing and still be perpetually ready for change where old status quo is no longer good enough. In the end we’ll be fine, we just need to hang in there a little longer, and keep clean.

I’m hoping that this experience motivates more gratitude, true kindness, compassion and generosity. In order for the human approach to life to be more meaningful, it helps to be an independent and intuitive entity better than to follow the crowds. With the eyes of a curious and meek soul, one who sees with their heart, in the end also makes the world more beautiful.

Much love always.


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