Starry Eyed Art

Sharing today two new experimental projects with vibrant colors, primarily using acrylic paints on watercolor paper.

First cutting in half a 9″ x 12″ (22.9 x 30.5 cm) 140 lb ~ 300g Canson watercolor paper. Using a ruler in each edge of the paper, pulling with your fingers the paper to create the torn paper edge effect. The ripped paper always makes art more interesting as imperfect has a character of its own.

Experiment with magazine photo and acrylic paints cloe up

In these close-up artworks you’ll see more details on how to achieve this look. Cut any magazine photo you like, preferably black & white.

Then glue the photo with gel medium onto watercolor paper. Choose a combination of three or four colors, then apply these on paper at the beginning of the photo or wherever you want. You start by squeezing a little bit of each acrylic paint next to the other. Then using a Gelli tool or an old credit card guide the colors to take on shape you want around the photos.

Let things dry and apply a light coat of varnish to seal the piece. In the first image I hand-cut a heart shaped piece of paper, hand-painted it with red acrylic paint, and glued it around the left eye to make the piece more interesting.

In my opinion art has no rules. Every piece is personal and special to me. It’s my heart and soul that are represented in each piece that I create. As such, there is neither science nor words to express anything else; you just have to feel it.

Experiment with magazine photo and acrylic paints close up

Hello, hello! Here in San Diego Summer is definitely kicking with increasing temperature, currently 75°F, and cool breezes. Around town things are quite peaceful as most people are wearing masks (as they should) and even courteously respecting each others’ distance without any problems. That’s the new normal, whether you like it or not. We have to accept the present and live with this situation for while until things get better and we find a solution for this COVID-19 dilemma.

I’ve been working on several projects – every day a little bit here and there, going back and forth between various tasks, then looking at my creations with new fresh eyes after a little break. This method allows me to be less anxious, thus also controlling my perfectionist side. It’s a way to think less about how I want life to be right now and isn’t, instead be happy, be appreciative for the present moment, especially because there is much worse out there, too.

I’m keeping my blog a happy place where I can go to share my thoughts, creations, and the beauty that I find all around. I want my readers to enjoy what I’m sharing as much as I do.


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