Happy 2022

Lilac flowers & sunshine for the New Year

Hello Dear Friends,

2022 is here and we are going to kick this New Year. We’ve all been through a lot in the past year with the Corona situation controlling our lives causing unusual highs and lows unlike previous years. The situation will improve if we all work together and focus on the positive and let the negative disappear in thin air ..

Let’s not lose the human touch and our civility by justifying poor behavior because times are tough. Life is short and moments are precious. Nothing can compare with a genuine smile, a joyful laugh and the brilliance of the eyes when we are truly in harmony within ourselves and truly connect with others and all natural life. Wouldn’t that be more meaningful and peaceful and promote well-being? Stay positive! The light will appear when you most need it and are feeling hopeless. Open your heart to kindness and the whole universe will shine back to you.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and bright start in 2022. May yours be filled with an abundance of love, health, prosperity, peace, laughter, colors and smiles.


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