Bye Bye California, Hello Virginia

Hello there!

I’ve been such a bad blogger … it’s been way too long ! There has been a lot going on in my life since I wrote last.

It’s been a long journey for me with a lot of soul searching, learning to be patient, even if only with myself, and dedication to truly understand the reason for my unhappiness so that I could turn myself and life around. Finally the dark days are over! WOOHOOO …

I missed this blog.

The Capitol Building in Spring

I had such high hopes and expectations but for a long time I felt as if my dreams didn’t matter. So I lacked the motivation to create, write and fully enjoy life the way I was used to when I lived in New York City (NYC) over a decade ago.

While living in NYC, I met my future husband and soon after moved to San Diego, California. The first two years were good, then things didn’t flow as I expected. I’m not saying I want things easy or handed to me, but at least living in a more friendly environment! That’s a story for another post on another day!!

The Washington Monument in Spring

It’s been about eight months now since my husband and I left CA and moved to Fairfax, VA. We love it here where it’s beautifully lush, green and we have the changing of the seasons, finally! How I missed the cold weather – wearing cashmere sweaters, beanies, all cozy winter clothes. Now we drink hot chocolate at the end of the night and watch a movie or sit by the fireplace smelling the wooden and listening to the crackling of its romantic flames, its magical illumination as it brightens up the living room. That’s life for me, even better with our love.

I always enjoyed the East Coast vibes but I didn’t want to move back to NYC, so we did a lot research and visited Washington DC last year and rented a car to check out surrounding areas: we liked Virginia. We had plans to move out of CA earlier, but COVID happened and we had to cancel everything and then last year we started looking and preparing for our move.

The American Flag

As of this writing, we’re nicely settled in, though we do plan to eventually move in to a house. While our apartment is very nice, we’re looking to live in our dream house and thus grow our roots.

My husband keeps saying, “you should go back and write again. Your blog is still getting views”. I was like “really”? To be honest, I feel like there is something missing for me. I really enjoy sharing my experiences in art, cooking, photograph, craft ideas … By putting effort into my posts and organizing my thoughts, ideas, and interests that I have in life gives me a sense of direction! It’s even better to know that people come across my writing and feel inspired and in some way, where I may be helping them even if they are on the other side of the world. To me this is magical and makes me happy!!!

I thought blogging was part of the past and that nobody was writing or reading anymore because of social media platforms and endless scrolling and the guerilla warfare for people’s attention. But to my surprise, this old blog is still getting some attention out there. It’s good to know that I have this small space for me, my own diary where I can be myself and share what I enjoy doing and living in the moment and perhaps share some hope & love.

I’m excited to start over again!

The Smithsonian Museum, founded on August 10, 1846


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