Beautiful Doorsteps & Windows with Flowers

Helloooo & Happy Autumn!

I hope this finds you happy, well, and in good spirit for the next festive, wherever you are right now …

I’m very happy with the beautiful weather we have had and still have here on the East Coast. We had a combination of pouring rain showers and thunderstorms that, a day later, turned into surprisingly warm sunshine with cool breezes. This type of weather is both weird and interesting in its unpredictability and does throws a monkey-wrench into making plans all-too-often.

Autumn is showing itself with a combination of bright green and warm colors of orange and brown which makes it the most beautiful season I’ve seen and experienced in years. How I missed the East Coast! I’m so grateful to be back in this part of the world (California → Virginia: different world) and the chance to share some of my experiences with you all through my camera!

Husband and I have been exploring a few new places in our neighborhood and trying out new restaurants experimenting with new cuisines. Usually I research new regions via internet before we head out to visit. A little planning makes for a more enjoyable experience, especially when you drive an hour or more.

Here I have the chance to explore one of my passions: photography. I don’t feel confined or sad anymore as I did in California. Now I’m feeling strong and invigorated each day. I am both lucky and grateful that I am able to capture the spirit behind new places in my photos and feel a connection while telling my stories. After all at this time, I’m delighted to be writing again and sharing what inspires me, as now I can once again see and believe that life is moving forward and upwards: I deserve to be here, too, and fulfill my oldest dreams. It’s great to be myself again, so let’s see where it takes me …

These pictures were taken a few days after the rain in Alexandria, VA. What a beautiful and clean town with gorgeous, well-kept homes full of charm and history. I was fascinated by the doorsteps and windows embellished with plants hanging from baskets or standing inside planters, all in harmony with other colorful plants, creatively arranged. I left the town refreshed and inspired especially after a delicious lunch and later, after digesting the food, we had homemade ice cream from the locals’ favorite spot for dessert. It’s a story for another day!


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