2024 – A New Era

2024 - New Year Fireworks for Bella Bluelf Journal by Rhonya Obst

Greetings Friends & Welcome to a New Year!

In the hushed heart of winter, where snowflakes whisper secrets to the wind, let us remember the magic woven into darkness. This Solstice, embrace the stillness, for within it lies the power of renewal. Like a seed slumbering beneath the frost, your dreams hold the promise of spring. Plant them in the fertile ground of intention, nourished by the love of community, and watch them bloom into the light. Warmest wishes for a Solstice rich in wisdom and wonder.

For the start of 2024 instead of the usual wishes and words to one another I decided to be more poetic. Hope the following words are more meaningful and encouraging. I do wish for a peaceful world, a collection of beautiful moments, connections with genuine people from heart to heart. I will only share from my inner being with people who really care and enjoy sharing of the same energy, without outside distractions in order to see me for who I really am: a human being with a big heart and beautiful soul with dreams to fulfill.


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